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For a Creatively Fulfilling Career as an Animator

Author : Jayakumar P, CEO, Toonz Animation India

Jayakumar P

Jayakumar P, CEO Toonz Animation India

Today when I look back, I believe it was sheer destiny. As a youngster working successfully with the Government on an international project and handling finance, there was a part of me that always wanted something more innovative and challenging. This is when, due to a chain of positive incidents, initial brainstorming on a new venture started and I forayed into the animation industry as the CFO of Toonz Media Group from day one of its inception in 1999. Getting involved deeply, I realized that the industry needs a perfect amalgamation of artistic excellence and strategic thinking. Anyhow, it was during the period of recession in 2001, when the industry got affected and Toonz was too not spared from this rough time.

That is when the investor family asked me if I could take over as the CEO and though I did not have any preparedness. I said yes, to take-up such a gigantic responsibility, maybe because of the undeniable passion that I had inside me. From then the journey initiated, the journey of understanding the artistic sensibilities and the business nuances. Filled with challenges on both personal and organizational level, the initial years was not smooth but remarkably my wonderful team always had my back. So many years down the line, now I assume that though I had made some wrong decisions, the right ones were more in number and scale. So in the big picture, it helped the organization.

A Dearth of Talented Professionals

We have a lot of great talent, but not enough in numbers to uplift the quality of our animation in par with the international expectations. I attribute this scarcity to mediocre training handed over in the most of the animation academies and the handful of great talent that you currently see in India is the product of their own personal effort, research, and practice. Having a bracket of talented learners around us, it's obvious if they are polished by the right trainers and mentors, they will shine in the industry. In most of the animation schools, the kids undergo a course which is designed without any vision and by the time they finish the course, they might have learned some software, but not the art or medium of animation. Also, more parents and students instead of considering animation as their last option should realize the possibilities of taking up animation as a career. Their attitude will compel the animation schools to change their ways of providing training.

Scopes and Job- Readiness


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