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Top Academics For Aspiring Animators and Designers

It has been estimated that by 2020 Millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce and over one-third the population of India will be between the ages of 15-32 years old. Fuelled by India's growing millennial population, it is not hard to predict that the country is going to get a makeover followed by the entrance of fresh and modern philosophies. Good proportions of young minds have already initiated this revolution and are breaking the shackles of age-old perceptions, especially in the field of education. Where once parents used to play a prominent role in deciding the career path of their wards, today, the students are coming forward and expressing their interests without any fear and uncertainties. The so-called "off-beat" career options offering matchless scopes are...

Top 10 Promising Animation and Design Institutes

Indian Animation, Scene #1: Oscar Winning Talents with Lack of Originality

Sarath Shyam, Managing Editor, The Higher Education Review

Understanding the True Virtue of Media industry

Ampady K, Director, KR Narayanan National Institute of Visual Sciences and Arts

Animation Education Creating Mainstream Career

Balaji AC, Head of Department - Animation / Professor Animation, Manipal University

From an Animator to Entrepreneur

Shubham Singha Roy, Founder & Chief Entertaining Officer, Ayam Studio

For a Creatively Fulfilling Career as an Animator

Jayakumar P, CEO, Toonz Animation India

The Necessity to Imbibe Creativity in Education

Chand R K, Head of Business Development, Golden Robot Animation

The Do's and Dont's of the Media Industry

Mahesh Ravi , Head of Film Making & Photography, Wiztoonz College of Media and Design