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Eternal University: Tapping the Unexplored Potentials of Rural Youth

Holding the pride of being the first Women's University of North India, the Eternal University is on a noble journey of educating the nation's new generation of women and empowering them in the right sense. Situated in a remote area of Sirmour district, about 110 km from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, the campus of the Eternal University is perfectly placed in the lap of the Himalayas at Baru Sahib, the valley of divine peace. The University, which was initially established as a co-educational institution, today hosts seven constituent colleges. Initiated by the visionary Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, Retired Director of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh, the University is always set to achieve newer heights by enhancing and broadening the knowledge base of its learners and educators. Holding the pride...

University of the Year - 2018
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Nikhat Hamza, Director - HR & FTA, BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology

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Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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Parvathy A. K., Hindustan University, Professor and HoD of EEE

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Jayakrishnan M, Senior Scientist, NPTEL, IIT Madras

University of the Year - 2018

Imagine a room has an integrative volume, which increases exponentially every time a teacher or a scholar enters and supporting the room are its pillars of knowledge that the teachers bring to keep the ceiling from falling. Relating this virtual room to the empty space of our mind, we can proudly say that throughout our university life teachers decorate this space by inculcating proper professional knowledge and ideologies. Henceforth, we make our living by basking the teachings that we receive. It is the traditional and conventional way of imparting education since the ‘gurukul’ days; it is always the gathering of ‘gurus’ (teachers) under the same shade to guide the students towards the students’ desired goals. If we look towards the prime definition of the term ‘University’, we get its origination from the Latin phrase ‘Universitas Magistrorum at Scholarium’, which abruptly means ‘a gathering of scholars or teachers.’ This gathering of teachers and scholars has made the university education system so strict yet so beautiful that we are reaping its success from the other end through the learning received. This learning is exceptionally apprehending and it changes us to a prospering future. A university education preciously mends and shapes our skills and expertise and develops a professional personality within us. Overall, the time that we invest in university, mostly directs us to a professional journey that we deeply crave for. As a developing country with more than half of its population under the age of 25, India has the best possibilities of emerging as one of the top nations in the world. There are some brilliant young minds, which have the potentials on becoming the next world leaders in the fields of technology, science, humanities, archaeology, management or medical and many more. To become one of the top personalities in their respective fields, one must cross the channel of university education for getting exceptionally skilled and guiding them to their golden service days are the universities of India. The first idea of a university that became a reality was the University of Calcutta. It was in the year 1857 that India saw the beginning of university education. Since then the country has walked miles and established University Grants Commission in 1956 for coordinating and maintaining the tertiary education. Presently, there are 889 universities in India that have taken the oath of educating and generating the mind power of the youth. In this edition, you will get staggering vital information on some of the universities from that many numbers. Our team of experts and researchers after thorough exploration have sculpted a series of perfect universities. Based on various criteria such as inputs of faculty, research output, pedagogy curriculum, infrastructure and other facilities, we at The Higher Education Review present to you some of the top universities, selected by our team as “University of the Year 2018.”

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Pragyan International University Booty More, Ranchi Providing students the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and attitude for a rewarding career, the university has various career oriented programs. They are imparting knowledge and competencies in students based on wellness, yoga, spirituality, heritage and peace and making students trustworthy, innovative and accountable in their respective fields.
REVA University Yelahanka, Bangalore The belief of holistic development drives the university in providing the students with well planned and designed 24 full-time post graduate programs, 5 part-time post graduate programs, 21 graduate programs and several certificate and post graduate diploma programs in engineering, architecture, science & technology, commerce, management studies, law, arts & humanities and performing arts. Furthermore, the university gives the opportunity of research and doctoral degree in all branches.
Seacom Skills University Bolpur, West Bengal Developing practical skills by offering engineering and technical education which is industry oriented, the university is improving the society through education which is embedded with employable skills.
Xavier University Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar, Orissa Providing high quality education to the students all over the all, the university is determined to build a sustainable society through its pedagogical structure.