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New Horizon Educational Institutions: The Sum of All Qualities in Education

When Dr. Mohan Manghnani took over the Chairmanship of New Horizon Educational Institutions in the early 1990s, the Trust had only three institutions catering to the students who came for primary, secondary and teacher education. Since then, in his 24 years of journey with New Horizon, Dr. Manghnani has faced all sorts of challenges including threats from underworld, hostile crowd and red tapism of bureaucracy. A great humanitarian and philanthropist who believes in long-term play, Dr. Manghnani set audacious goals and took a measured path to achieve them. The result: A chain of nine highly successful institutions that provide quality education starting from kindergarten to postgraduate and Research, in the city of Bangalore. Higher Education Review looks to find the lesser-known...

20 Most Promising Educational Institutes in Karnataka
20 Most Promising Educational Institutions in Karnataka