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KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode: An Abode for Learning

Janani. G., an alumnus of KSR College of Technology(KSR), is celebrating her efflorescent career at TCS, Chennai in India. The smile on her face is a result of responsibilities and appreciation she received at the workplace within a short span of time. \"It feels great to realize that the time I spent in my college, has allowed an average student like me to be able to be competitive in the real work environment,\" says Janani with a smile. Saishree. S,who works in Wipro, Bengaluru, was not always confident and focused in her first two years of graduation. When she first joined the institute, she was a reserved, average student who did not expect much from her life. Saishree honed her confidence through various events that she participated in during her college. Similar is the case...