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Charnock Healthcare Institute: Changing the Face of Nursing Practice in India

Offering Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education, Charnock Healthcare Institute located in Kolkata, the 'City of Joy,' is a unique medical education institute that has been creating quality workers for all levels of healthcare delivery. The institute changes the face of nursing education in the country by preparing professionals to deliver the highest quality care - care that is guided by research, intellect and passion. The economic prosperity of a country and the quality of its healthcare services are correlated. Right from the primary to the tertiary level, greater coverage and better quality of healthcare are essential prerequisites for improving the quality of life of the population at large, which in turn, eventually affects the economic growth of the country. To...

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Top 10 Promising Nursing Colleges in India - 2017

The transformation of nursing into a profession can be traced back to the time when the pioneer of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale in 1860 initiated nursing school at St Thomas' Hospital in London. Later in 1867, 'Lady of the Lamp' as Florence Nightingale was entitled, sent graduates from Nightingale School of Nurses to India in St Stephens Hospital at Delhi and started imparting training to Indian women in 1967.

Once accorded as just a person who takes care of the diseased, today nursing has evolved into a most scientific and noble profession. Nurses are referred as the backbone of the entire healthcare sector and are solemnly focused on providing optimum care and attention to the ailing people. They work in synchronization with the physicians, therapists, the patients and other team members within the healthcare center. Trained nurses are integral to run care units and different health related centers.

But in the present time, there is a reasonable amount of shortage in the number of nurses with a professional degree and practical training all over the world. As the nurses play a crucial role in the process of rendering quality and efficient service to the patients, this scarcity negatively impacts the overall healthcare spectrum. According to a report of World Health Organization (WHO), there is a shortfall of more than 4.3 million of professional nurses globally. This proves that the future prospective of nurses is pretty high. Private and government hospitals are seeking for qualified and practically aware nurses.

Given current concerns of this emerging challenges, numerous nursing institutions are been set up in the country. The INC (Indian Nursing Council) is the accreditation and recognition body for nursing education in India. The course curriculum of the nursing education is no more limited to basic nursing concepts, hence, over the years it has widened into post graduation and doctorate degrees. Institutions are undertaking research projects on nursing topics with the aim of granting an in-depth learning to the aspirant nurses. Owing to the flourishing demand of this sector, young individuals from all over the country are showing interest in pursuing a variety of courses in this area and practice as a nurse or enter into any premiere nursing institutions as lecturers.

Although, one is meant to have zeal and a sense of perseverance towards this profession, as caring selflessly for someone is not everyone's cup of tea.

We at Higher Education Review, therefore, have listed out 'Top 10 Promising Nursing Colleges in India - 2017,' which will give a explicit sense to the would-be nurses regarding choosing a fitting institution, which otherwise stands out as a puzzling task amidst the never ending list of nursing institutes.

Institution Name



Akal College of Nursing Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh An institute offering education of high standards through research, training and extension programs in order to prepare a generation with higher intellectual cum serving abilities.
Al Shifa College of Nursing Malappuram, Kerala The institute prepares nurses competent in providing comprehensive nursing care based on scientific principles so as to meet the increasing needs of the country.
Charnock Healthcare Institute Kolkata, West Bengal A unique medical education institute creating quality manpower for all levels of healthcare delivery by providing Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education.
Indore Nursing College Indore, Madhya Pradesh The institute prepares post graduates, graduates and diploma nurses with advance theoretical knowledge based on scientific, modern, evidence based practical skills to face the challenges of modern health care systems.
Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College Cuddalore, Puducherry The college prepares dedicated and expert nurses to contribute to the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations as well as for community services.
KLE University Belagavi, Karnataka An institute promoting sustainable development of Higher Education to be among the top ten medical colleges in India in the spheres of medical education, research and health care services.
Metas Adventist College Surat, Gujarat An institute with a vibrant place resonating in an intellectual environment focussing on learning as a total experience for personal growth and career advancement.
Mother Teresa Nursing College Bangalore, Karnataka An institute imparting an educational experience to the students in an atmosphere of research and technology to develop critical thinking skills, competencies and standards required for practice of professional nursing.
Narayana College of Nursing Nellore, Andhra Pradesh The institute offers world class infrastructure with a stimulating environment for students to pursue their studies and acquire hands-on training under the guidance of senior faculties of nursing and at the Multi-specialty teaching hospital and Nursing Colleges.
Vinayaka Mission's College of Nursing Puducherry The institute prepares nurses for leadership through positions in the college, hospital and specialty areas as a consultant, educator, administrator and researcher.