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Mass Media in Heterogeneous Digital Society

Author : Dr. Djuwari, Head of Research Journal Division, STIE Perbanas Surabaya - Indonesia

Dr. Djuwari

Dr. Djuwari , Head of Research Journal Division STIE Perbanas Surabaya - Indonesia

The world publics have merged into one digital society. There is no border among the people around the world. Unfortunately, the members of this digital society are in diversity. They are heterogeneous in terms of ideologies, social values, cultures, ways of life, and even in terms of their best taste of information. All these aspects are poured into one cup and the digital society members are ready for sharing together. Mass media has both negative and positive impacts

We have a huge number of digital society members, especially in social media such as Facebook, Line, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. These five social media have been in tremendous membership. As reported by Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook recently, in 2017, for Facebook, the number of the account users is 2 billion, Line 100 million, Instagram 250 million, Messenger 2 billion, and WhatsApp 250 million.

The negative impacts can be due to the types of messages or information being communicated through such media. The heterogeneous members of digital society are faced with different kinds of information. It can be texts, photos, and videos. The more strikingly, the types of information are also varied. All are mixed up but the communicants are in diversity: in social, religious, psychological, cultural aspects. If they are the true information, the communicants are not misled. Unfortunately, some of the information can be hoax news or fake news.

In any country, we cannot deny that there is always discrepancy induced by the message posted on the social media.

In that condition, there must be the best strategy for overcoming the divergent communicators and communicants. In any country, we cannot deny that there is always discrepancy induced by the message posted on the social media. The links of the hoax news or news are the sources of the social discrepancies. They become more and more chaotic because of the misleading information.

We cannot either deny, for example, during the political campaign in any country, such hoax news and blackmails spread away through all the social media. Hatred, revenge, attacks, and character assassination are the negative impacts of such hoax news or fake news.


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