D.K.T.E. Societys Textile & Engineering Institute: Weaving Excellence In Technical Education

By Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar Vasant, Ph.D. | 2022-09-20 13:05:42
Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar Vasant,Ph.D. Textiles have been a major Indian export since time immemorial. The textiles industry is a significant contributor to the economy of the country both in terms of its domestic share as well as exports. The domestic apparel & textile industry contributes 5 percent to the country's G.D.P., 7 percent of industry output in value terms, and 12 percent of the country's export earnings. Additionally, the textile sector is one of the largest job creators in the country, employing about 45 million people directly and indirectly. D.K.T.E. Society's Textile and Engineering Institute is a pioneer institution providing multidisciplinary technical education with a focus on the textile industry, engineering, management studies, and other vocational fields of education.

Founded over 25 years ago, this Institute has, since its inception, focused firmly on academics and research. Through collaborative research and learning methodologies, this Institute has maintained its dynamism with the emerging technologies and ever-changing demands of the industries. In creating job-ready individuals, D.K.T.E. leaves no stone unturned when it comes to academics, practical exposure, and the overall development of every single student.

Offering a Range of Courses
Within the broad heads of Engineering, Management, and Vocational Education, D.K.T.E. provides three Diploma Courses, Eleven undergraduate courses (out of which Five focus on Textiles & Six on Engineering), Four P.G. Courses & Recognised Ph.D. research centres in Engineering & Textiles, and a Management studies programs. Ensuring excellence across disciplines, D.K.T.E. consists of 202 dedicated faculty members who keep up with the constantly changing needs of the respective industries and adapt their curricula and teaching styles accordingly. Through industry-institute collaborative teaching methodology, D.K.T.E. also invites various industry leaders periodically to impart practical, real-life education to the students. This initiative boosts the students' understanding and makes them job-ready.

We, at D.K.T.E., are committed to achieving academic excellence and imparting high-quality technical education, training, and
expertise in various industries and engineering programs, thereby enhancing the intrinsic abilities, capabilities, and thinking processes of students besides promoting their engineering and technological skills. We are committed to complying with the requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.& says Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar Vasant, Director & Professor.

In pursuance of these goals, the Institute provides the necessary infrastructure that would support the complete education and development of the students. The outstanding infrastructure consists of spacious buildings, ultra-modern machinery and laboratory equipment, and a fully stocked and updated Library. D.K.T.E. is, thus, fully invested in the overall development of students to suit the requirements of industries.

To further inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit in the students, D.K.T.E.'s curriculum emphasizes on research development, consultancy, testing services, and customized training to meet the specific needs of the industries. Use of real-world examples, problem-based learning, video-based demonstrations, flipped class, and use of technical magazines and journals have been implemented for course teaching. Also, collaborative learning techniques like group discussion, presentations, and group assignments are also incorporated. Further, to accelerate the student learning use of online resources like N.P.T.E.L. and webinars are also used.

D.K.T.E. has various MoUs with multiple industries that promote interdisciplinary research projects, student training, and industrial or academic staff training. Through these partnerships, the Institute helps the industry in a number of ways, including turnkey projects, research, development, and others. Students benefit from expert lectures from business, team research projects, student training, job placements, laboratories with business relations, business-sponsored projects, business-sponsored project awards, business-sponsored scholarships and awards, business-produced study materials, and more.

Job Opportunities
The service-based economy in India is booming and outshining its competitors. However, despite the massive need, engineering graduates from most Indian universities are not equipped with the skills and experience that are instrumental to bagging quality job opportunities. Recognizing this gap, D.K.T.E. has not only
focused its efforts on assuring quality education and training but has also established robust interaction with industries since its inception. Providing high-caliber internship and job opportunities, the Institute has consistently ensured that students find the right career path, whether it be in the governmental sector, entrepreneurship, or private industries.

"To help students meet the requirements of the industry, the training and placement cell conducts necessary training sessions to impart Logical, Interpersonal, Communication, and Technical Skills", adds Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar. The institute also boasts a dedicated Placement cell wherein soft skill development programs, international training, and more are included. For the overall grooming of the students, the Campus recruitment training Programme (C.R.T.) by external agencies is regularly conducted. The C.R.T. program consists of Vocabulary Building, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Writing Skills, and much more.

Future of D.K.T.E
.The institute's relationship with industry has been nurtured over the years, and it has already made a space for itself among the country's top engineering colleges, stressing value-based technical education to aspirants who desire to enter the corporate world. In the coming years, the institute is readying itself to invite innovations in business models that will redefine the job landscape. D.K.T.E. has always strived to be at pace with these changes and has outlined targeted objectives for itself to include Twinning programs with prestigious foreign Universities, Gaining deemed university status, Increasing the number of international students admitted, Launching newer programs in developing fields and more.

Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar Vasant
Prof. (DR.) Kadole Pradyumkumar Vasant is a pioneering educator and has more than three decades of teaching experience and has a Ph.D. in Textile Engineering from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He has six books to his name and is a member of The Textile Institute, Manchester UK, and Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC), USA to name a few.

This GATE 88 Scholar has also won numerous awards including the Golden Educationist of India Award from `International Institute of Education & Management', New Delhi for Outstanding Achievements in The Field of Education in 2013, and Ideal Teacher Award' by Apte Wachan Mandir in 2008 among many others.