QIS College of Engineering & Technology: Imparting Revolutionary Education To Students Across Various Sectors Of Technology

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Technology is today one of the fastest growing and branching industries in the world. People's daily lives revolve around technology and it is advancing every minute. Thanks to technological advancements, things that were once even unimagined, are now a reality. Who would have thought two decades ago that we would have digital currencies, global connections via technology which is not even visible, a cure for previously fatal illnesses, and systems to pay for products and services through your handy little mobile phone? Wireless technologies, crypto-currencies, data tracking devices, and much more are the reality today. All of this has been possible as a result of intensive research and brilliant knowledge imparted to engineering and technology students. The knowledge provided by premier institutions has groomed intelligent minds that have been bringing revolution across various sectors of technology. QIS College of Engineering and Technology is one such pioneering institution, imparting quality knowledge that can be applied in the real world to achieve more scientific and technological advancement.

The QIS College of Engineering and Technology (QISCET) was founded in 1998, in Andhra Pradesh. It is an autonomous college and is affiliated with the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. The college was also accredited by NAAC. It is supported by the Sri Nidamanuri Educational Society to promote technological education to fulfill the needs of our developing country. "By charging a reasonable fee and providing scholarships to the deserving and needy members of society, QISCET's main goal is to assist persons from the middle and lower middle classes," says Dr. N. Surya Kalyan Chakravarthy, Chairman and Dr. Y.V. Hanumantha Rao, Principal, QIS College of Engineering and Technology (QISCET). Building an institution of excellence in innovation and product revolution is another goal of the institution.

Course Offerings
Ever since its inception, QISCET has been promoting its vision and mission to offer high-quality
education by bringing innovation and creativity to academia, generating talented people with strong leadership qualities to power the country's information-driven economy, and reach these goals through resource development, fundamentally sound instruction, active community involvement, and high-impact research. QISCET offers a selection of NBA-accredited courses.

“By providing high-quality education through innovation and creativity in academics and research with strong leadership capabilities, we want to kindle the knowledge-driven economy of the nation and to make ethically strong citizens”

As value-added education moves into the information age, QISCET's curriculum focuses on career initiation and advancement in the competitive job market. The courses are excellent tools for enhancing one's profession because of the emphasis on both theoretical concepts and practical implementations. The curriculum strives to offer courses that are process, product, and skill-based. The curriculum design heavily incorporates choice-based credit systems and outcome-based education. Through field projects, mini projects, internships, and project work, students can use their learning to address issues in the local community. The institute offers a complete range of Bachelor's and Master's courses including advanced courses in the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and VLSI & Embedded Systems. Additionally, the college also offers an MBA course.

Using the latest teaching methods like overhead projectors, e-learning resources, video learning modules, and Wacom devices, the faculty conducts classes in a manner that keeps the students engaged and interested. Quizzes, extempore, physical activity classes, creative arts classes, and foreign language courses are other exquisite offerings of QISCET. Further, the institute also invites eminent guest lecturers and hosts yoga classes, training programs, and field trips to inculcate discipline and gain practical knowledge in students.

QISCET prides itself on the state-of-the-art R&D center to design and develop products, the Center for Innovation, Research, and Consultancy. Doctoral researchers who have been
working for R&D for over fifteen years in unison helped QISCET win the coveted Incubation Center. "QISCET was acknowledged and awarded the AICTE-IDEA LABS prize. Strong industry cooperation led to QISCET receiving funding of Rs. 1.1 crores to establish IDEA Labs." Adds Dr. Y.V. Hanumantha Rao, Principal. Over the past year, the Center has nurtured over six start-ups in several engineering specialties. Also, the organization has already been awarded 42 patents.

Network and Future Prospects
All the operations undertaken by QISCET are in furtherance of the singular goal of making the students' future ready. "By providing high-quality education through innovation and creativity in academics and research with strong leadership capabilities, we want to kindle the knowledge-driven economy of the nation and to make ethically strong citizens." Adds Dr. Y.V. Hanumantha Rao, Principal. In addition to excellence centers, the institute also has collaborations and MoUs with labs and companies for job placements and internships. Skill Labs like APCOST, APSSDC, Sponsored Applied Robotic Control Lab in Collaboration with European Center for Mechatronics, and INTEL Intelligence Systems Laboratory, to name a few, offer practical experience. MoUs with IETI Hong Kong, Oakland University, USA, offers a chance to gain academic excellence. MoUs with Vi MicroSystems, AlgalR Nutra Pharms, Valadro Technologies, Wiztech Automation, Sands Instrumentation, GCGEMS, and many more provide internship and job opportunities to the students. All these efforts are targeted toward creating a truly holistic educational experience for students where they can learn and implement that knowledge capably.

Dr. N. Surya Kalyan Chakravarthy M.Tech., Ph.D.Founder and Secretary & Correspondent
Trained in USA in latest computer Technologies and Software Development, Sri N. Surya Kalyan Chakravarthy is a member of Engineering Society of Detroit (E.S.D.) in Michigan State, U.S.A. Keenly interested in research, he is associated with various scientific and technological Research and Development groups. He is the Founder of SNES, Ongole. Sri N. Surya Kalyan Chakravarthy is the honourable Secretary and Correspondent of SNES. His rich experience with a blend of modern outlook steers SNES to heights.