International School Of Management Studies (ISMS Pune): A Holistic Approach To MBA Education

By Debraj Banerjee , Founder & Group Head | 2023-06-22 10:48:01
Debraj Banerjee ,Founder & Group Head

Debraj Banerjee

Founder & Group Head

The International School of Manage¬ment Studies (ISMS Pune) is a busi¬ness school in India that provides high-quality education combined with practical training and relevant skill development programs. The MBA program is affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University, making it accessible to students across the country. ISMS Pune aims to empower students with prac¬tical experience and extraordinary career progres¬sion that sets them apart from others.

The International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) is a leading educational institution that provides high-quality MBA programs. With a focus on practical experience and relevant skill development, the school empowers its students to succeed in the corporate world. By providing a balance between theoretical and practical learning, experienced faculty, and various facilities, ISMS Pune prepares students to be future leaders.

Balancing Theory & Practice
ISMS Pune is committed to providing a balance between theoretical and practical learning. The school has uniquely designed programs that offer winter and summer internships to provide students with hands-on experience before entering the corporate world. The experiential learning methodology involves real-life challenges to help students develop leadership, research, analytical, and decision-making abilities.

Students at ISMS Pune take part in various activities such as Business Plan Development, New Product Debut, Cost Analysis, Selling and Negotiation, HR activities, Supply chain and operational activities, among others. These activities help students prepare for real-life problems and challenges in the corporate world.

ISMS Pune also offers internships, industrial visits, and workshops by industry experts from India and abroad to give students a clear understanding of the corporate world. The school's research program requires students to make research projects on a given topic/problem about a real company and provide suggestions according to their study findings.

Employability is the Focus
According to previous reports and studies,
more than 90 percent of MBA students in India are unemployable. ISMS Pune aims to make a difference by focusing on making its students employable, even after they secure employment. The school places more emphasis on equipping MBA graduates with relevant and applicable skills that help them succeed in the corporate world.

ISMS Pune believes that the real challenge begins once students enter the corporate world. The high competition in the corporate world makes many students fail, but not ISMS Pune's students. The school trains its students to be successful in any situation, under any circumstances.

Quality Faculty & Facilities
ISMS Pune believes that the faculty is one of the key components of an institute. That's why all faculty members are well-equipped with practical knowledge about the corporate world. From industry experts to IIM alumni to researchers, ISMS Pune has a long list of experienced faculty members on board who can turn students into future leaders of the corporate world.

ISMS Pune offers a wide range of facilities to its students, including international standard classrooms equipped with smart boards, Wi-Fi for internet access, air conditioning, projectors, audio systems, and more. The world-class library has a range of reference books, journals, research papers, business magazines, over 3 crore e-books, e-journals, e-magazines, and a separate sound-proof reading hall and reading box. The computer lab has more than 200 devices running all the time and is always open for students to access.

The school has an in-house gym center with a trainer to help students achieve a healthy body, and a Yoga Hall to train the young minds of students. The indoor game hall has Table-Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Pool, Foosball, a projector screen to watch sports, and more. The outdoor sports facility offers options to play football, volleyball, cricket, badminton, and more. The school also has a hostel for both boys and girls with 24- hour water supply (Hot & Cold), lift, separate reading hall, Wi-Fi system, laundry service, cafeteria, 24-hour medical facility, and more. ISMS Pune also offers numerous scholarships to meritorious students, with a focus on academics and outbound activities.

International Collaborations
ISMS Pune has introduced MBA International (Dual Certification Twinning Program) with an aim to provide foreign education at an affordable budget.
This program enables students to study MBA in the UK with a combination dual campus and dual certifications which will add a great value to the students’ academic qualification. The students will be in a culture of systematic study where there will be systematic understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of current problems and new insights. With multiple options for universities in the UK, this program enables students to pursue management degree with hands on experience which opens a ‘Earning while Learning’ opportunity and the students can also explore work opportunities in the UK with post work study permit. “We also introduced Masters in Sports Business Management (Twinning Program) for the students who want to explore career opportunities in sports business industry. This program is offered in partnership with Leeds Beckett University to offer students the opportunity to combine learning with real-life application of teachings to pursue a career in the sports industry”, says Debraj Banerjee, Founder & Group Head at ISMS Group of Institutions, Pune. With excellent sporting facilities and the special perks of the Leeds Sport Volunteer Program, which previously included global events such as the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games, the program offers students a lasting career.

In Conclusion
In conclusion, the International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) is a well-established institution that has been successful in providing its students with an excellent education and valuable skills. The school's outstanding features, such as international standard classrooms, experiential learning methodology, excellent faculties, global opportunities, and professional training, have contributed to its success. The institution's mission is to empower its graduates with essential employability skills, core business ethics, core responsibilities, and service to become individuals with integrity, innovation ability, and a passion for business.

With a strong focus on academic excellence, inspiring innovative endeavors, and serving the industry and society, the school aims to cultivate a passionate sense of business among its management students. Through its extensive industry partnerships, workshops, industrial visits, and a 100 percent placement record with the best ROI, ISMS Pune continues to be a fount of inspiration for young management graduates.