Jagran Institute Of Management: Nurturing Future Business Professionals With Holistic Approach

By Ritu Gupta, Vice-Chairperson | 2023-06-22 10:33:01
Ritu Gupta,Vice-Chairperson

Ritu Gupta


Jagran Institute of Management was set up in the year 2006 under the benevolence of Jagran Group, a leading name in the media industry preserving professional and ethical value. The institute was established with the mission to highlight ‘EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, EMPLOYABILITY’ aligning with Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Atma Nirbhar Bharat with ‘SKILL, UPSKILL, RE-SKILL’.

With the dynamism and challenges growing across the world preparing students for the Industry is a challenge, however, Jagran Education Foundation ( JEF) has been spreading excellence in education from the past three decades by establishing centers of higher learning through their other sister concerns like Jagran Degree college, Jagran Institute of Animation, Jagran Institute of Mass Communication along with K-12 schools in Uttar Pradesh and the NCR.

“Our methodology includes adapting to change and Innovative thinking. This is an ongoing process and our business school is constantly experimenting and innovating to stay at the forefront. We encourage students to come up with new and creative solutions to problems and see opportunities where others may not. In today’s business world, it is not sufficient to emphasize on traditional business education alone. It is about thinking out of the box, taking risks and constantly seeking new ways to improve and grow”, shares Ritu Gupta, Vice-Chairperson, Jagran Education Foundation.

Established in the heart of Kanpur city with a lush green campus, JIM houses a huge playfield, basketball & Volley Ball Court and a large Cafeteria. The building is air conditioned and the entire campus has wireless internet connectivity at all locations for uninterrupted access. Jagran ICT resources are one of the important and mandatory needs of a Business School.
Jagran Institute of Management has state of the art infrastructure, well equipped libraries, advanced modern computer laboratories and lecture rooms.

Nurturing Young Potential
Being affiliated to Abdul Kalam Technical University, Jagran Institute of Management follows their teaching curriculum. In order to give students a chance to apply their classroom learning to a practical setting and to gain valuable experience to develop their innovative thinking skill, the institute offers more than 200 hours of self-development programs incubated into the curriculum.

“Our Flagship programs CBAT: Corporate Business Acumen Training and CST: Corporate Structural Training are constantly fostering creativity, innovation, design thinking, technical skills and exposure to practical corporate world & Industry working to align with theoretical knowledge.

We teach students transferable skills & soft skills which will hold true for the long term. At Jagran Institute of Management, we are powered by Knowledge and Steered by Ethical values with ‘Global Competencies and Indian Roots’.

This 21st-Century Skill allows students to hone their inner strengths from big-picture planning to meticulous organization”, shares Ritu Gupta.JIM has always believed in pedagogy where teaching is beyond the classrooms, integrating with the needs of technology and fostering demand of skilling in India.

The curriculum including academic and non-academic development activities focuses on enhancing the quality of education and overall holistic development of our students. “Our Jagran Entrepreneurship & Incubation Centre formed in the Year 2020 nurtures industry-academia collaboration and has established a purpose-oriented engagement with the industry.

We have successfully acquired Affiliations & Associations with National & International organizations to create a robust training & skilling hub. This has also inculcated the spirit of entrepreneurship”, says Ritu Gupta.The institute also provides scholarship opportunities through Puran Chandra Gupta Scholarships to meritorious

students, students from economically weaker sections, special scholarships to the girl child and exceptional scholarship schemes for the wards of employees of JEF & Jagran. Jagran Institute of Management has experienced & highly qualified faculty members who are constantly inspired to gain additional skills in teaching methodology and new pedagogy. Regular faculty development programs (FDP’s) are conducted and workshops & industry oriented learning programs are provided to the faculties.

Ritu Gupta shares, “Our Faculties are invited by various Universities & Institutions as Keynote Speakers, Resource Persons, Guest Speakers. They are also appointed as external thesis evaluators, examiners by prominent Universities. Such exposure enhances their learning and thinking in different fields, further helping students to broaden their horizon and develop a global perspective.”

Equipping for Future
JIM believes Industry-academia Collaboration can provide a much-needed boost in academic and co-curricular offerings to institutions. Today, the education industry requires a holistic perspective and JIM is concerned with developing every person's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential.

To achieve this JIM invites a gamut of experts not only from academia and Industry but also Life coaches. These collaborations provide a mutual benefit, the industry obtains skilled workers with practical training and specialized expertise while students get the chance to learn & upskill in the pertinent field.

In order to enhance student employability in the digital age, JIM is focused on bringing more training programs, expert industry engagements and providing experiential learning in the coming times. “Industry-academic partnerships & engagements have been helpful in creating a pool of recruiters for campus placements and the effort of our placement team is channelized in providing students with the best bargain & best opportunities in the industry. We are satisfied with full placement of our students both at national and international level”, concludes Ritu Gupta.