Mar Athanasius College Of Engineering (Mace): Reviving The Engineering Education In India With A Holistic Approach

By Dr. Bos Mathew Jos, Principal | 2023-06-06 09:31:58
Dr. Bos Mathew Jos,Principal Apremier engineering institution located in the district of Ernakulam, Kerala, India, Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (MACE) has been playing an important role in the enhancement of the quality of engineering education in the country. Affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) and MACE has been among the best choices for engineering aspirants in Kerala for the past 60 years.

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering (MACE), Kothamangalam, persists with its credentials of value-based education and innovation upholding the motto 'Knowledge is Power’. Managed by Mar Athanasius College Association and aided by the Government of Kerala, the college is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a CGPA of 3.42 and is the first Engineering College in the state of Kerala to be accredited with an A+ grade and, all undergraduate courses are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

Dr. Winny Varghese, Chairman

The institution offers Bachelor of Technology courses namely, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Along with the undergraduate programs, the college also offers seven M.Tech. programs and Master of Computer Applications. Additionally, the institution has well-equipped research centers in all the departments with guides qualified from institutions of national eminence in all departments.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
MACE is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that enable hands-on training and practical learning for its students. These facilities include an Internet of Things (IoT) lab, a Fabrication lab (FAB) equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as 3D printers, laser-cutters, and more, a Design and
Fabrication lab, a Computer-aided design lab (CAD), Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC) lab, Advanced Communication Lab, Advanced Drives and Control Lab, High Voltage Lab, Advanced Concrete Lab equipped with loading frames, Data Analytics Lab, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Lab and more. These facilities provide students with access to the latest technology and equipment, enabling them to gain practical experience in their chosen fields of study.

The higher education courses offered by MACE do not just confine to the curriculum, it also includes an ‘honors degree’, ‘minors degree’ in allied branches, and other value-added courses. Several industrial interactions have been implemented to provide students with exposure to the industry and help them bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, which helps them to solve industrial problems.

Curating Growth Opportunities
MACE offers several scholarships that enable students to pursue their academic and professional goals while promoting diversity and inclusivity. The college offers several endowment scholarships, which are funded by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Management, and Alumni. The scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, such as financial need, academic performance, and other factors.

Additionally, MACE realizes that it is essential to align pedagogy with industry requirements to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their professional careers. “At MACE, we have several entities including College Governing Body, Department Advisory Boards, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), and other bodies where representatives from the industry are either mandatory members or invitees to ensure this alignment.

We also conduct employee surveys to assess the performance of our graduates and to evaluate the extent of achievement of educational objectives. The feedback of all stakeholders such as industry experts, students, and parents are invited and incorporated during the design of the curriculum”, speaks Dr. Bos Mathew Jos, Principal of M A College of Engineering Kothamangalam.

MACE also offers industry-focused add-ons, skill development programs, hands-on training sessions, talks by industrial experts, mentoring sessions by alumni, workshops, and internships, both in and out of the country for students that are designed to prepare the students for fruitful careers in various industries.
MACE offers several scholarships that enable students to pursue their academic & professional goals while promoting diversity & inclusivity

These programs are developed in collaboration with industry partners and are designed to meet the current and future needs of the industry. New generation, industry-focussed engineering branches like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Data Science are offered as undergraduate degrees and VLSI and Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Structural Engineering and Construction Management, Computer Aided Structural Engineering, and more, are postgraduate degrees on offer.

Laying the Future Roadmap
In the years to come, MACE wishes to prioritize its core values, vision, and commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. The institute stays responsive to evolving needs and expectations of students, employers, and society while keeping abreast of changing trends and technologies. “We have a strategic plan of making MACE autonomous in the near future, which we believe would provide students with greater flexibility and control over their education.

Other initiatives include offering extensive skill development programs, increasing the number of courses available, syllabi curated in such a way that it gives hands-on experience and practical knowledge on core topics, and more focus on upskilling students leading to better placement opportunities. We also aim to create a startup culture by enlightening students through orientation, idea pitches & ideation platforms.

Self-sufficiency in energy requirements and a sustainable campus are other milestones in our roadmap”, shares Dr. Winny Varghese, Chairman of the Governing Body of the M A College of Engineering and Secretary of M A College Association.MACE also plans to focus on international collaborations through student and faculty exchange programs, collaborative research, and likewise. The college also intends to be updated with the cutting-edge technology available and to incorporate them into the teaching-learning process in the best way possible. MACE will also be established as a global hub for education through autonomy in the future.

“We also intend to develop MACE as a center for excellence for research thus giving more exposure to students for academic & student achievements and eventually, molding a generation of technically proficient and Industry-ready engineers from the campus”, signs off Dr. Winny.