Matrusri Engineering College: Empowering Students With Job-Ready Skills And Knowledge

By Dr. K. P. Srinivas Rao, Chairman | 2022-09-20 13:52:06
Dr. K. P. Srinivas Rao,Chairman Education in the engineering domain is considered as one of India's most pursued fields of learning. As our societies expand, engineers sit in the middle of all developments, whether be it infrastructure, technology, or any other field. The diversity of the engineering domain impacting almost every aspect of development has led to a constant increase in the demand for trained and qualified engineers with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge. With the vision to impart technical knowledge of the highest standards among students from diverse backgrounds, Matrusri Engineering College (MEC) was established by Matrusri Education Society in 2011. Striving for excellence in every facet of learning, MEC is on the mission to equip every student with Job-Ready skills.

Focusing on making every student employable and job-ready has led MEC to provide excellent academic resources and opportunities, along with inculcating good values in every student that are aimed at developing discipline and a professional demeanor. Furthermore, recognizing the globalizing nature of emerging technologies, MEC, being a premier institute, encourages students to be well-equipped with the latest technological developments like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and IoT (Internet of Things) etc., in order to be ready for a global job market.

Range of Courses to Choose from
Approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated to Osmania University, MEC offers BE programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science), Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum for each of these is designed to employ a unique
teaching pedagogy, which supports The detailed understanding of theoretical concepts and expertise in practical skills through industry training and internship programs & The Institution Innovation Council (IIC) and R&D Department support all the departments in framing the curriculum.

The college is associated with prestigious organizations like IEEE Forum, Hyderabad Section for Skill Connect Program, Spoken Tutorial Project-IIT Bombay for IT/Software courses training program, and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK), for conducting skill development activities", shares Dr. K.P. Srinivas Rao, Chairman of Matrusri Education Society.

MEC's proactive approach of connecting with industries to create a symbiosis is aimed at bridging the gap, which is prominent in most other educational institutions where students learn theoretical concepts but lack the skill to understand their application. MEC, thus, boasts over Thirty-Five MoUs with esteemed organizations like M/s Texas Instruments (TI) Innovation Lab, BOTLAB (CSE Dept.), "Center of Excellence for Electric Vehicles" in association with M/s SkillShark Edutech Pvt. Ltd. and e-Yantra Robotics Lab in collaboration with IIT Bombay.

All of these collaborations enable MEC to provide state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities to students, empowering them to excel and flourish in their careers from day one. Taking holistic education one step further, the institute provides a lot of recreational and personality development opportunities to all students in the form of clubs, which also focus on social development and align with the teachings of NSS and NCC.

Apart from this, MEC also organizes events like conferences, webinars, workshops, seminars, and industry visits to allow students to learn first-hand from industry giants.

Empowering Educators
MEC strongly believes that in order to impart knowledge through the best methods, the professors need to be highly skilled and learned in their particular disciplines.

As such, MEC constantly encourages them to upskill and
further hone their knowledge through research and innovation. This has resulted in 19 patents filed by the educators of this institute in the last three academic years.

The faculty members are also encouraged to participate in FDPs, NPTEL, Coursera, and NITTTR courses and trainings. They further integrate their skills and knowledge with MEC's teaching methodology, which promotes interactive learning, experiential insights, and application for result-oriented outcomes.

"Our college is keen on nurturingthe students technically and transforming them into innovators"

Nurturing the Future Leaders
"Our college is keen on nurturing the students technically and transforming them into innovators. There is a paradigm shift in the way innovative solutions are being implemented for various challenging problems by teams consisting of experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds", says Dr. K.P. Srinivas Rao.

Promising to provide efficient engineers with a solid social, intellectual, and academic foundation to contribute to the purpose of nation-building, MEC is focusing its efforts on imparting holistic, value-added, and result-oriented quality education that would enrich the overall character of students. The institute is working to further its cause by establishing a Post Graduation Institute in the coming years where more learned scholars can polish their skills and make meaningful contributions through discovery and innovation.

Dr. K. P. Srinivas Rao, Chairman
Dr. K. P. Srinivas Rao, the Chairman of Matrusri Education Society, has been a pivotal contributor to the educational society for over two decades. His vision for technical institutions has played a crucial role in helping them achieve many accolades and to scale new heights.

His guidance in the day-to-day academic and other activities has helped the institutions to get prestigious accreditations like NBA, NAAC, and many more. Apart from being an educationist and a philanthropist, he is a Senior Consultant and Laser Surgeon at Century Eye Care Centre, Hyderabad.