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Dr M.S. Bhagyashekar:

He is the Principal of RajaRajeswari College of Engineering. Being the Chief Executive of the College, he is responsible for implementing the policies/decisions for the betterment of the institution agreed upon in the Governing Council. He is also a functioning member as the Member Secretary of Governing Council. He strives to provide the interface to project the activities of the College. He is a Professor, a Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in Polymer Composites having an experience of 26 + Years in Teaching & research.

Mr. and Mrs. Murthy, the parents of Sowmya S accompanied her for her admission at RajaRajeswari College of Engineering. Like every other parent, they were worried and had numerous queries in their mind as they waited in the lounge for their daughter's turn for the interview. Thoughts such as, "Is this the right place of preparation for our child?" ran on endlessly like a broken record in the minds of the disquieted parents. When their turn arrived, all queries of Mr. and Mrs. Murthy received a response that convinced them that RRCE is the right place for their daughter's career aspirations.

"We empathize with parents and care for our students like our own children. We do not believe in conducting mere lectures and churning out people who only work like machines. We want to produce competent and ethically sound manpower for the benefit of the industry, society, nation and the global environment," said the proud Principal of RRCE, Dr. M. S. Bhagyashekhar to Sowmya's parents.
His pride was evident through the efforts the authorities combined in producing a new breed of engineers.

Dr. Bhagyashekhar's words received testimony as time went by and Sowmya went on to be employed as the Project Head at Thoughtnet Technologies. Sowmya credits her competency as a Project Head to the methods she underwent at RajaRajeswari College of Engineering that made her ready and well equipped to face the industry.

"Requirements of the industry varies with different domains," says Dr. Bhagyashekhar; "in this regard, Centers of Excellence have been set up at the Institute." The institution's dynamic credibility in producing such graduates who are armed to face the industry is a result of its hard earned efforts to provide the right insight of the industry at the institution. The Mechanical Engineering Department of the institution is in collaboration with Altair Technology. "The designated experts of Altair Technology visit our campus and train our teachers who in turn train the students," adds Dr. Bhagyashekhar. The institute has exclusive training courses from the organization in streams like CFD/CAD (Advanced). and Design requirement and FEM/FEA are some of the prominent courses for preparing a new magnitude of industry ready engineers at RRCE.

Dr. Bhagyashekar says, "Our methods exemplary inculcate values and methodologies in meeting the industry demands for which the students are trained in the industry's direction." The institute offers an onset of activities such as: Career assessment, Business management skills, Multi tasking, Goal setting, Pro-activity, Group Discussions, Aptitude training, Soft skills, Personality development, Extempore, CATIA training, and Professionalism that are endowed to develop a new skill set in the students to face the industry. The 30 hr training sessions at every semester deserve a special mention.
Graduated in 2012, Sowmya recalls the days of her glorious tenure as a student of RajaRajeswari College of Engineering. "I had the fortune to be taught interactively by teachers who are academic parents and who trained us with constant heed to every progress we made as students," says the alumnus of Information Science and Engineering of RRCE. In affiliation to Visvesvaraya Technological University, the institute delivers its prescribed curriculum through the well-qualified faculty comprised of 19 doctorates and another 29 PhD aspirants who are on the brink of completion and ready to lead the institution in a new progressive direction.

A significant vibe of energy and an enlivened atmosphere at RajaRajeswari College of Engineering is a result of the decade old pedagogy of the institute to fulfill the skill set for the 'Quintessential Engineer' as per the requirements of the Society, Industry & stakeholders. The institute has placed more than 200 students in the past academic year where a vast number of 50 companies like L & T, InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, HP India Limited, ISRO, Bosch Rexroth, G.R. Constructions, visited the campus in quest of its diverse manpower and talent pool and only returned with talent for the proliferation of their organizations.

Of the many feathers in the hat of the institute, Research has been an emphasized domain. The renowned and designated R&D centers are illustrations of the rich expertise of research at RajaRajeswari College of Engineering. The experiences of the faculty doctorates shines on the research domains where a number of publications have been published and research seminars conducted in this regard. To emerge as one of the Top Ten Technical &Management Institution in the State of Karnataka by 2018 is the aim of RRCE for the coming years in pursuit of which the authorities leave no stone unturned. Alumni members such as Sowmya are examples of the sheer dedication of the institute in pursuing its visions and goals.