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Prof V Rihani:

He is the Dean of Engineering, Rayath Bahra University - School of Engineering and Technology. He is an Electronics Engineering graduate of Delhi College of Engineering in 1975. Prof. Rihani completed his M.Tech from the same institution in 1977. He takes up charge of the faculty and motivates them to bring a revolution in the changing paradigm of Engineering.

"Education is the movement from darkness to light," were the words of the legendary American philosopher, classicist, and academician, Allan Bloom. His words of wisdom uplift the importance of education for the current generation with regard to the rising advents in the industry. Driven by constant fluctuations and vast diversities of trends, the industry is deemed to be the ultimate destination of growth for technicians and working professionals. One amongst the many striving institutes to match the metamorphosis of the industry is Rayath Bahra University - School of Engineering and Technology where preparations to produce a new breed of engineers are of another magnitude.

"A number of dreamy eyed individuals rush into our gates of Rayat Bahra. We take it upon us to make those dreams a reality," says a proud Prof V Rihani, Dean of Engineering, Rayath Bahra University - School of Engineering and Technology. A great number of reasons have today become the result of his pride and ability to transform dreams of the students of the institute into reality. "Within a vibrant, ever-challenging and supportive learning environment, the Rayat-Bahra Group discovers, disseminates, and applies new knowledge through teaching
and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement, and partnerships," says Prof Rihani who is amongst the authorities who emphasize on grooming individuals for day to day challenges of life by developing their intrinsic abilities and provide a skilled human resource to the job market. The institute functions on strong principles and aspires to become a channel for giving a national and international voice to innovation and ultimately play a lead role in placing India on the global forefront.

A New Dimension of Placements

The institute's aims are rigid with solid foundation towards their pursuit. Radical methods of preparing a new onset of skills in graduating engineers have propelled the institute in becoming the ultimate placement destination. Rayat Bahra College of Engineering and Technology has been regarded as the best college for placement in Chandigarh, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. Best Placements for students has always remained a priority for the authorities as they believe placements form the necessary closure to a student's tenure. "We have positioned ourselves as a pacesetter in campus placements as we have received more than 100 percent placements. Many leading Organizations have been a part of our On Campus Recruitment Drive," adds Prof Rihani. 3123 placement offers of the last academic year embody the words of the proud Dean into a reckoning testimony.

Industry Insights of the Present Moment

A fact of the current world that is synonymous amongst educational institutes and educationalists is that the industry only recruits individuals who have evolved with the academia in the industry's direction. Candidates with the apt skills in the myriad aspects of the industry continue to be in demand irrespective of the trends and changes in the field. "A professional education program determines the acceptance of the student by the industrial houses but is just not the academic credibility of the student that counts. It is how well the student is groomed to meet
industry expectations," says Prof Rihani. The Career Development Cell part of Rayat-Bahra Group plays a pivotal role in ensuring transformation of students through various programs that includes domain skills, and predominantly focuses on soft skills, which are considered to be the need of the hour.

The dedicated team of the Career Development and Placement Cell work towards supporting and guiding students on all aspects of job search through personalized career advising sessions. The cell initiates that by working closely with the students to define their career paths and helps them achieve their goals. The presence of specialists/mentors who are available to assist students with any query in relation to their careers reinforces them to believe in their dreams. "Our objective is not only to provide employment opportunities to our students but also to create employers and entrepreneurs," adds Prof Rihani for which guidance is also provided to students who are interested in higher education.

Formed in 2001 under the wing of Rayat-Bahra Group, RBCET has come of age to be at the dais as the Placement Capital. The institute attained autonomy in 2014 after 15 years of struggle to provide a better workforce to cater to the current needs of the industry. Framing its own curriculum, the institute fulfills its effective delivery by the catalytic activity of a brilliant team of faculty who put in their nights and days to see their students transform into achievers. Strong motives ahead to establish Knowledge Creation and Learning University to generate value based competent professionals and globally competitive human capital form; the concrete base of functions of the institute in pursuit of which the authorities render their hard-earned services to achieve and develop in the coming future.