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Dr. T. Kannadasan

He is currently the Principal of Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology. Apart from his 32 years of experience in teaching and research, he has guided 14 PhD Scholars and 25 M.Tech theses. Before taking up the mantle of Principal, he was the Director of Research followed by the post of Vice Chancellor (officiate) at Anna University Coimbatore.

K. Priya Satish Prabhu

She is the Joint Secretary of the Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust. After completing her B.E in Computer Science from PSG College of Technology, she went on to pursue her MBA from Bharathiyar University and at present is completing her doctoral studies in management.

Dr. T. Kannadasan, the current Principal of Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology (HICET) started his academic journey by pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering. He always had a keen interest in research. Over the course of 32 years of teaching and research experience, Dr. Kannadasan has written over 60 papers and presented over 90 papers in the National & International journals and conferences respectively. While presenting research papers at these international conferences, Dr. Kannadasan realized that engineering institutions have a long way to go inorder to reach global standards. "It is important that the engineering institutes in the nation today must focus more on research activities, unique pedagogies, curriculum and others to reach global standards which will allow the graduates to get placed globally and be successful," says Dr. Kannadasan.

Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology was established in the Millennium year 2000 by Hindusthan Education Trust. The Institute encourages its students to adapt new technologies and innovate new products using latest
technologies such as Efficycle (pedel and motor driven), SAE BAJA - all terrain vehicle, an Electric Solar Powered Vehicle and many more. The students are often encouraged to participate in National Competitions, "Participating in such competitions, the students from various engineering colleges are pooled together whereby multiple young intelligent brains are explored by exhibiting their innovative projects and it is platform for our students to learn and share from fellow participant" says Dr. Kannadasan.

Providing a Curriculum to Face the Industry around the Globe

In order to meet the requirements of the Industry, our institution conducts value added courses, where students are taught industry relevant topics that bridge the gap and apprehend our students on the current requirements of the Industry. In addition, the institution provides the students with add on certification courses such as Java, Lab view core 1 and core2, Data Structures, DBMS, Embedded Systems, Logical Computation and others which are conducted throughout the year.

As the institution is affiliated to Anna University, it constantly looks at the various curriculums around the globe and ensures that its senior faculty members who are part of the Board of Studies for Anna University give relevant feedback. The Board of Studies consists of faculty members from various institutions affiliated to Anna University, industry people and people from research organizations such as ISRO and others.

Principal Dr.Kannadasan, who is also a seasoned researcher, believes that the curriculum should be holistic knowledge based and also driving the future needs of the industry rather than focusing only to current industry requirements or sticking to the academic curriculum which is changed only after a few years. The institute believes that just as it encourages the students to take part in competitions and create new innovations, research should be encouraged. In this effort the students are given more freedom to pursue research topics of their choice. "By providing them such freedom, the students will improve themselves much faster and become smarter," says Dr. Kannadasan.

Tying up with the Industry

In order to meet the fast paced techno driven global economy,
HICET which is one he leading engineering institute in the region has created a Corporate Relationship Department (CRD) with state
of art facilities and an Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC). The IIPC constantly ropes in various corporate organizations that guides and supports the institute and in turn the institute also complements the companies with relevant project. "We have signed 32 MoUs with leading industries such as Infosys campus connect, ICTACT, Cognizant technology solutions, Hindustan Heavy Electricals, Siemens, BSNL and others," says K. Priya Satish Prabhu, Joint Secretary, Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust. With the help of these MoUs the institute has been able to gain industry set up lab facilities which allows students and faculty members to conduct cutting edge research.

While most of the faculty members possess PhD and many more are pursuing their PhDs. The institute sends its faculty members to the industry and research organizations such as ISRO to understand the various functions of such organizations and to impart such knowledge among the students.

The faculty members take an additional step by visiting companies to teach the blue-collared workers on fundamental theoretical knowledge that are relevant to their work. "We believe it is our duty to share the knowledge with the unfortunate people who are unable to get higher education which will help them to perform well in their work and have a good career" says Mrs. Prabhu. To coordinate such kind of activities and visiting lectures, the institute has strengthened the Corporate Relationship Department and it has received positive feedbacks from the industry.

The industry has been happy with the results of the students, HICET has been producing and thus the institute has been able to place more than 90 percent of its students. Companies like Cognizant technology solutions, L&T Infotech, HP, IBM, Wipro, Accenture, Hinduja, Sutherland Global Services, Huawei Technologies, Caterpillar, Aircel, Larsen & Toubro and others have recruited students with pay packages between Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 4.5 lakhs. HICET continuously strives to reach the high global standards and happy to give back to the society by grooming innovative and responsible engineers.