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Dr. A. k. Sen Gupta

He is the Mentor and Director of SIES College of Management Studies. Dr. Sen Gupta is also the Founder and Convener of Higher Education Forum (HEF). He is the former Director of SPJIMR, Mumbai and has a consultancy experience in the World Bank.

According to Cygnus estimates, business education market in India is about Rs.30 billion and has grown at a rate of 12 percent CAGR in last three years. Despite the remarkable proliferation in the rise of B-Schools there is a huge demand ­ supply mismatch for quality management education in the country. With the rise in subjective changes in the industry, it increases the pressure on B-Schools to produce able and market ready graduates. SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) achieves a feat by creating global managers with Indian ethos with a will to survive in the industry and derive results.

Under the wing of South Indian Education Society (SIES), one of the oldest and most respected educational Trusts in the city of Mumbai, SIESCOMS was established by the SIES Trust in 1995.An educational institution that has over 157 companies eagerly visiting to recruit workforce, SIESCOMS has received lucrative packages as high as 15 Lakh in placements. "Companies today are not getting what they want. There is a gap between what they ask for and what is being provided," says Dr. A K Sen Gupta, Mentor and Director, SIES College of Management Studies. In pursuit to cover all loopholes in making potential graduates, the institution offers its courses in Master of Management Studies (MMS) and PGDM that in still professional values in students. The MMS program is affiliated to University of Mumbai
whereas the PGDM program is an autonomous program approved by AICTE. The curriculum and the syllabus of the MMS program are governed as prescribed by the University while the PGDM program has flexible functioning. "Both the programs have Board of Studies in place and industry linkage is provided in terms of curriculum and delivery that produces market ready graduates at SIESCOMS," adds Dr. Gupta. Both the courses, MMS and PGDM are flagship courses and have created a demand from both the main stakeholders: students and corporate entities. The institute has also two specialized vertical courses for healthcare sector: PGDM (Pharmaceutical Management) and PGDM (Biotechnology Management). Both are 2-year full-time post-graduate management programs.

At the core of any B-school lies the most important stakeholder: the corporate sector. The tie-up between a B-school and corporate is what gives the business school a cutting-edge advantage. SIES College of Management Studies backs up its courses through activities that inculcate active delivery of the curriculum and the syllabus that meet the requirements of corporate. Skill linked immersion, corporate interaction series, continuous projects/ assignments/ field visits/ specialized clubs, andintense coaching in aptitude test, are aspects of the curriculum for which the institution has varied industry-institute connections. These assist in providing the rightful industry exposure to the students and enabling them to understand what they are expected to do in the field.

SIES College of Management Studies backs up its courses through activities that inculcate active delivery of the curriculum and the syllabus that meet the requirements of corporate

Adding to the exposure the institute provides, SIES College of Management Studies celebrates its annual festival called "Virtualities". The event vastly covers streams such as marketing, finance, HRM, operations, pharmaceutical management, biotechnology management, technology and others.
An event that lasts for a week, Virtualities is celebrated with the involvement of more than 1000 participants from across the country from many management institutes. In the last three years, the students from SIESCOMS have equally shown their participation in various national level events and have won a testimonial number of accolades and distinctions in various streams and realms. The institute believes in encouraging the extracurricular activities in parallel running with academia and syllabus.

Faculty for Overall Development

Focusing on overall development, SIESCOMS has over 56 faculty members who are a combination of core academicians as well as persons with industry background. 15 faculty members have Ph.D qualifications and more than 45 teachers have more than 10 years of corporate experience. In addition to this the institute also has more than 100 faculties as visiting staff primarily from the corporate world.

"Apart from the faculty, the achievements of any institution are noted by the contributions and accomplishments of the alumni," says Dr. Gupta. Proving the achievements of SIES College of Management Studies is its strong 5000+ alumni base present at dignified positions in different streams. A vast majority of the alumni occupy senior positions in the corporate sector and many of them have become entrepreneurs and have established lucrative enterprises.

Social and Societal Enlightenment

Through programs on CSR, Projects with NGO, Continuous socially responsible seminars/workshops/activities almost every fortnight and through an exclusive committee of students known as "Shaayog Committee", SIES College of Management Studies works on the frontier of graduating management professionals who are market ready with high standards of social awareness and abilities that enable in taking forward the Indian economy with Indian ethos.