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Sri Thyagu Valliappa

As Vice Chairman Valliappa puts it Sona stays abreast with the latest technical advancements and proves that anything that is done with passion will outgrow excellence and march towards significance.

Established in 1958, the Sona Group of Institutions has built unmatched reputation for offering quality technical education. Encompassing the top ranking Thiagarajar Polytechnic College and the most sought after Sona College of Technology, the group stands tall as an endearing shrine for excellence in education. Founded in 1997 Sona has 25 research centers to nurture young minds towards inventions for the betterment of the society. The institution has 100 percent placement record, with over 220 companies lining up to recruit students. Some big industrial players that recruit include Accenture Inc, Cognizant Technologies, Essar Steels Ltd, HCL Technologies, JSW Steels Ltd, Wipro Technologies, Aircel Ltd, Infosys Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Motors Ltd, Hexaware Technologies, Honeywell Ltd, Convergys Information Management, Birla Soft, Mphasis Ltd, Tech Mahindra and CapGemini Ltd.

"For far too long the focus of institutions has been on the intake and placement of students. This has not only led to poor work efficiency but also led to a lot of fresh graduates not knowing which jobs to be in.
Institutions should focus more on imparting quality education and create courses which will be useful to the industries coming up now. Such programs can not only solve industrial problems but also cater to the needs of the society," says Dr. V. Jayaprakash, Principal, Sona College of Technology.

The college focuses on framing their syllabus based on the industrial requirements. With over 70 plus PhD holders, the faculty ratio is 1:13, which helps them ensure every student learns exactly what is required from them, once they graduate. Today, every department in the college has members from the government, industry and alumni on its board of studies (BOS), whose job is to meet once a year to update or alter the syllabus according to the needs of the industry. "We allow industries to run their programs and other courses of study inside our campus and also send the students for short term courses in the industry and not just internships. We take full advantage of being an autonomous institution and ensure the right materials being added to the pillars of future India," says Balamurugan, Corporate Relations Officer, Sona College of Technology.

The institute is quick in grasping the dynamic industrial needs. Interdisciplinary courses along with academic and career oriented courses are added to the syllabus to ensure students are made ready to face the competitive job market. The curriculum for all branches is designed for the overall development of students. The focus of the college is to have 100 percent placements and impart knowledge to the students who make this come true. "We ensure students learn in such a way that multiple job options are open to them in their field of interest. We teach lessons
that they can carry throughout their lives for solving practical issues. The aim of the institution is to ensure every student gets a job of his or her choice and not just placed," says Prof. B. Saravanen, Advisor, Placement, Sona College of Technology.

Chairman Sri C. Valliappa says "Sona focuses not only on offering quality, technical education but also insists on student's excelling in their life skills and being successful in their personal lives."

As the vibrant Vice Chairman Sri Thyagu Valliappa says, "Sona believes that every individual should work with all the three elements – mind heart and soul in synchronization, for excellent outcome based education."

Sona College of Technology has signed MOUs with 40 companies. The institute also ensures that every department has signed MOUs with their relevant companies. The institution's prime focus with these tie ups is to put students for industrial visits, trainings and internships. It is also a step towards improving their teaching methods as faculty members are also made to get trained in the industries. Aiming to be national leaders in education in the next 6 years, Sona College of Technology, today, has established incubation centers for the same.

"We take such measures because we know what industries can offer to higher education. This helps us change our ways of teaching and we aim for a different way to impart education," concludes Dr.C.V. Koushik, Academic Director, Sona College of Technology with a clear vision for the student's future.