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V.S. Balsamy

He is the founder and Chairman of VSB Educational Trust, which he established in 2000. He has been practicing law for the last 31 years after completing his Bachelor of Science and Law Degree. He has received a numerous awards for his humanitarian work. He lays a lot of emphasis on 'Hard Work' as he strongly believes that "hard work is the key to success."

The campus of VSB Engineering College was abuzz with chatter on the day of placements. The talk of the town at VSBEC was that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a premier organization and a leading corporate giant was visiting the campus for recruitments. A dream destination for many aspiring engineers, the visit of TCS for recruitments had set the bar high for students of VSBEC to meet. Like every other organization, TCS on that very day were looking for only the cream of the bunch of the graduates appearing for the interviews. Amongst those many bright faces appearing for the interview was Dinesh Kumar, an engineering student of VSB Engineering College. He strode ahead confidently as he made his way into the interview room where head hunters and dignitaries of TCS were seated in quest to find new talent. Few days later, Dinesh received the offer letter from TCS stating that he was hired.

Revealing the secret to Dinesh's successful journey and his transition from campus to corporate is the proud Founder and Chairman of the VSB Educational Trust,
V.S Balsamy who says, "Culminating principles and values into the prescribed curriculum blended with methodologies of industry insights is our driver to produce sound manpower upholding professional values and ethics." His words reflect the quality of education and methods combined in giving rise to an unprecedented breed of engineers. The authorities of the institution deploy their best measures in meeting the vision of VSBEC to impart futuristic technical education of the highest quality to the student community to inculcate discipline in them to face the world with self-confidence; thus preparing students for life as responsible citizens to uphold human values and to be of service at large.

One such individual from the institution serving the society, Dinesh, now is a Technical Head at the very organization leading a number of young professionals towards the progress of TCS. An advent of steps taken by the institution during his tenure at the institute has promised him a sound career. Commendable efforts by the institution and its authorities have been shown in the preparation of their students in the vector of the industry. These have in turn reflected in the exemplary placement results of VSBEC. The last academic year has witnessed a dynamic number of 710 placements from the institution across names of the corporate and IT sectors such as L&T Infotech, Accenture, HCL Technologies, NTT Data, and many more. "Our placements have been our strength that has motivated us in surpassing our previous milestones," adds Balsamy.

His sheer conduct of confidence is a result of the activities and methods assembled by the Training and Placement cell at the institute. The designated Training and Placement Cell adds to the magnanimity of VSB Engineering College. The authorities in the T&P Cell arrange and coordinate various programs that aim at molding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building and in turn bring laurels to the parent institution. The Cell, guided by a set of rules and principles, strives to maintain
a good relationship with industries. Preparing the recruitment schedule for the year, inviting corporations for pre-placement talks on the campus followed by final placements, and overseeing the process to its end are the responsibilities of the Cell. It endeavors to carry out successfully all the processes methodically throughout the year and maintain the career graph at the rise to its students. "Partly responsible for my competence to be employed as the Technical Head, is the grooming I underwent in the Training and Placement Cell," says Dinesh.

Empowering Women to face the Competitive World

"Women today are equally capable of achieving and posses leadership qualities. We work towards breaking the primitive norms of the society by empowering a rising tide of the female workforce," says Balsamy. A designated Women Empowerment Cell at the campus does the task of bringing about a revolution in the female students and staff of the institute. In addition to discussing their issues and concerns, the cell creates awareness of rights and responsibilities amongst the minds of the female proportion of the staff and students. The cell helps them in finding solutions and functions arduously by stimulating them intellectually through guest lectures, seminars, workshops and various awareness programs that are arranged under the auspices of this cell.

Formed in 2005, VSB Engineering College functions under the prescribed curriculum of Anna University, Coimbatore. It stands as one of the very few reputed Institutions in India to offer B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering where domains like Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aircraft Structures, Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion are uncovered to expose students as achieving performers in their aspirations. "We strive to bring up the Institution as an Institution of Academic excellence of International standard," concludes Balsamy for the endeavors VSBEC holds for the future.