Top 10 Promising Architecture Colleges 2017



The architecture industry is moving forward in creating beautiful and aesthetically designed buildings. Along with that, various campaigns have created awareness about making the planet healthier and have produced jobs in green architecture.Therefore, the 21st century architects have to focus on several areas, which include structural integrity of buildings, analysis of heating and air conditioning system, a design of electrical and fire protection systems, planning of energy conservation issues and so on. Today, architecture is considered as one of the most sophisticated professions with diverse career opportunities for students aspiring to become architects.

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Top 10 Promising Architecture Colleges 2017




Asian School of Architecture and Design Innovations Kochi, Kerala The college has been initiated with the sole objective of creating a newbreed of young architects who are fully committed to the societal needs of the day.
Cornerstone International College Navallur, Tamil Nadu The institute prepares students in understanding about the many facets of building and construction and makes them participate in a student-directed team project.
Crescent School of Architecture Vandalur, Tamil Nadu The institute aims to foster critical thinking and develops the capability of students to significantly improve the built environment.
Dr D Y Patil School of Architecture Pune, Maharashtra The college is determined to impart the world class architectural education to all students and transforms them to architects with a global vision.
Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab The institute nourishes learners to become lateral thinkers by focusing on critical design approach in an era of smart cities,sustainable buildings and contemporary interiors.
Piloo Mody College Of Architecture Cuttack, Odisha The college equips the students with latest knowledge through interaction with professionals and imparts knowledge in emerging areas of the construction sector.
RV College of Architecture Bengaluru, Karnataka The college has a dedicated team of teachers, with education and training from best universities in the world who ignite creativity and to quench the thirst for knowledge among the budding architects.
RVS KVK School of Architecture Trichy, Tamil Nadu The institute emphasizes on nuturing the students towards approaching architectural challenges with advanced technology.
SMEF's Brick Group of Institutes Pune, Maharashtra The college is designed to shape tomorrow’s architects by giving them an opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals, work with industry-leading tools and practice working on real-world projects.
Thejus College of Architecture Thrissur, Kerala The institute aspires not only to train competent professionals but also to achieve the highest standards.