Top 10 Promising IoT Training Institutes 2017



The emergence of the term ‘Internet of Things’ was marked when Kevin Ashton, the Executive Director of Auto-ID Labs at MIT, coined it in a presentation to Procter and Gamble in 1999.Now, the ‘Internet of things’ or in short IoT is one of the most hot-button topics to talk. In simple terms, the IoT consists of any device with an on/off switch connected to the internet.This includes almost everything we can think of, ranging from smart phones to emergency notification systems to the infrastructure management both in rural and urban areas. Hence, corporate houses, Government Organizations and academia are involved in different aspects of researches, businesses and implementation with IoT.

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Top 10 Promising IoT Training Institutes 2017




Armtechnow Ashok Kumar,CEO & Founder An institution offering a vast number of courses and workshops incorporating practical training on the subject with the help of some efficient faculty members.
Collabera TACT Sunny Shah, Associate Vice President An award winning training institution that trains and certifies professional and students, providing them proper placement assistance upon successful completion of the course.
Digital Dojo Sachin Sadare, Founder and Director A recognized training institute, with the vision of digitally transforming India and the world and hence acquiring the learners with right digital skills.
ExpertsHub Industry Skill Development Center Kirubakaran Reddy, Founder and Director One of the finest skill development center located in Chennai, providing some hands on training with a record of more than 25000 students till now
Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center Prof. Rabinder Henry,Director An acclaimed training center that assures to transmit programs by providing an environment for self development of creators, investors, discoverers and innovators.
Nexiot Suniel Kumar G, Founder and Director A pioneering institute in providing certified IoT training programs and is consistently rated amongst the top IoT training institutes incorporating several community initiatives and activities.
TecHelium Satish Tenkanadiyur, Co-founder An excellent training institute having three centers in Bangalore ensures to provide lab-based training to the learners accompanied with decent placement assistance and offering mock interviews.
Skyfi labs Pavan Ponnaganti,Founder & CEO A distinguished institute offering flexibility of attending training by classroom mode, online mode or simply by participating in the campus training programs is transforming the way training used to take place earlier.
Optimus Research Labs Meharban Singh, Co-Founder A leading training institute for embedded systems and PHP in Delhi that provides training by some best trainers who have ample of industry experiences.
GeeksLAB Technologies Anshul Verma, Co-Director With a team of strategic mix of professionals from technology, consulting, business management and client servicing domains, GeeksLab is one of the best training centres to gain hand-on training on emerging technologies.