Top 10 Colleges in Sri Lanka - 2022

Sri Lanka had a adult literacy rate of 96.3 percent in 2015, which is above average by world and regional standards. The country emphasizes a lot on education of its citizens. Since the time the country acquired freedom, education is the heart of development strategy, and investment in education is a prominent focus in public strategy. Critical measures were taken to boost institutional capacities and integrate quality assurance into every program. The country has achieved universal primary education by 1964. The modern educational system in Sri Lanka was modeled after Christian missionary system was brought about by its integration into the British Empire in the 19th century.

The Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century Project (HETC) modernized the Sri Lanka Institute for Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) and its network of Advanced Technological Institutes. The country got help from the International Development Association (IDA) to enhance the standard of higher education in the country. HETC reforms focused on the rationalization & restructuring of universities and non-universities, improving public-private partnerships, introducing accreditation mechanisms, cost-recovery strategies, innovative faculties and increased access. The National Institute of Education (NIE) in Sri Lanka, based in Maharagama, was established in 1986 under the provisions of the National Institute of Education Act No. 28 of 1985, with an aim to `provide leadership for the development of general education with quality, equity and relevance in a pluralistic society'. This was an important milestone laid-out in the higher education sector of the country.

This issue of Higher Education Review talks about some of the professionally managed colleges in the country which have been nurtured with best technical & professional infrastructure and assistance from efficient and skilled faculties, thus ensuring delivery of quality higher education and research. In this issue, a list of `Top 10 Colleges in Sri Lanka ­ 2022' is brought into limelight. These colleges offer wide range of courses and high quality education, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Top 10 Colleges in Sri Lanka - 2022




Amazon College Colombo Aspiring to create a wholesome learning environment for the holistic development of their students
British Institute of Engineering & Technology Colombo Offering quality professional education through well-accredited courses, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, industrial visits and excellent academic facilities
City School of Architecture Colombo A change bringer that aspires to enrich the lives of their students through education
Faculty of Medicine Colombo Offers first class medical educational programs in basic, applied & clinical sciences, behavioral skills and public health
Global Technological Campus Colombo Offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to its learners, as well as a wide range of streams that prepares them for domestic and global leadership
Horizon Campus Colombo Striving for the sustained success of their students through industry-centric education
IESL College of Engineering Colombo A premier professional body for engineering education in Sri Lanka
Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Colombo Internationally recognized as a center of excellence for producing specialists of high professional standards to meet health needs of the country and contribute to regional & world health in a responsive manner
Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine Colombo A non-profit organization dedicated to facilitate specialists in internal medicine in continuous medical education, research and social well being
Sri Lanka Technological Campus Padukka Offers Engineering programs in Electronics, Telecommunications, Power Systems and Computing