Top 10 Educational Institutions in Bangalore - 2020

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru or Bangalore has all the characteristics of a modern-day metropolis. The growing corporate realm in the city is a prime example of how Bengaluru has developed into one of the most thriving economies in the country. Over the past couple of decades, Bengaluru has also developed into one of the most popular and attractive higher education destinations for Indian students from across the country as well as for international students. With more than 800 colleges, Bengaluru is becoming a quintessential higher education hub. The combination of top-notch higher education and a plethora of employment opportunities makes Bengaluru one of the preferred destinations for students to pursue their higher education. With both Indian companies and big corporates from all across the world anchoring their business operations in Bengaluru, job opportunities and career development prospects are of plenty in the city. With more and more educational institutions coming up with innovative teaching pedagogies and revolutionary programs, students who aspire to pursue their higher education in Bengaluru are able to gain a competitive edge over the rest of the job market. With that said, it is important that students opt for the best universities and colleges in Bengaluru to get the best possible results. In order to help students who are looking for a premier higher education institute in Bengaluru, we at Higher Education Review magazine are trying to simplify your confusion of selecting the best universities and colleges in Bengaluru. Our expert panel of researchers has looked into the situation and articulated a list under the name ‘Top 10 Educational Institutions in Bangalore - 2020’ which is based on the institutes' qualities, expertise, ranks, facilities and much more. Reviewed and scrutinized by the intellectual individuals of this specific field, the educational institutes mentioned in this list deliver exceptional education along with outstanding infrastructure, top-notch mentoring facilities, and placement opportunities. We hope that this abovementioned list will help the interested Indian students to choose the best educational institutes in Bengaluru.

Top 10 Educational Institutions in Bangalore - 2020




ABBS School of Law Bengaluru ABBS School of Law under the aegis of Samagra Sikshana Samithi Trust has focused on upholding the mission and vision of empowering every individual with Knowledge and Confidence.
BMS Institute of Technology and Management Bengaluru A well established private engineering college in bangalore recognized by the AICTE, Government of India and is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi.
CMR University Bengaluru CMR University aims to promote and undertake the advancement of university education across a plethora of disciplines engineering, management, architecture, law and other allied sectors of higher and professional education.
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Bengaluru An institute imparting quality technical education with a focus on Research and Innovation emphasising on Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Technology for the benefit of society.
New Horizon College of Engineering Bengaluru NHEI has an impressive history of providing innovative education, with a vision and mission to impart holistic education to all its students.
PES University Bengaluru One of the country’s leading teaching and research universities, committed to providing 'education for the real world' that inspires students to realize their potential.
REVA University Bengaluru The quality education offered by REVA has created a wave among various organisations and honoured with rankings and awards in different categories.
RV College of Engineering® Bengaluru An institute achieving Excellence in Technical Education, Research and Consulting through an Outcome Based Curriculum focusing on Continuous Improvement and Innovation by Bench marking against the global Best Practices.
Sowrabha Institute of Nursing Sciences Bengaluru An institute working for enlight education sector by providing quality education and raising the students future and making them capable of giving valuable contributions to the nation.
The Kingdom College Bengaluru Encouraging an education system that not only imparts knowledge but also works on developing skills, attitudes and emotional maturity which is needed for one to face life with all its ups and downs.