Top 10 Law Colleges - 2021

Top 10 Law Colleges - 2021

A promising domain that has its roots in history, the legal education arena is gradually becoming a competitive sector and is still bewitching young enthusiasts who are eager to encounter the modern-age challenges. Nurturing the budding talents with empathy and courage to face the unfairness in a subtle way, the legal education sector has carved some of the best practices to produce competent law professionals for the country. But certainly, we also can't be ignorant of the fact that, although the law colleges are producing lawyers in abundance, the existing courses are not satisfying the existing industry demands of this proficient sector. In the current age, where starting from an individual to extremely successful Multinational organizations are in need of competent lawyers, the law institutions need to craft such a contemporary curriculum that can compel the individuals to explore themselves to the ultimate potential. As a democratic country, India has always been in need of competent lawyers for aligning the improved operations of the three branches - Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.

Held at a supreme position, the law is the perfect amalgamation of courage and confidence. To fulfil this objective, the foundation of a lawyer must be sturdy enough to remain unperturbed in the face of dilemma and confusion. In such a situation, the education must not only be extraordinary but should be impeccably proportional to the standard of legal courses and legal education system. Upholding an impeccable curriculum that can enable the young law aspirants to blossom into fierce legal professionals of the future, there are few law institutions that are counted amongst the best. To help the students finding suitable institutions which have stood the test of time as are benefactors of quality of legal education, we at Higher Education Review have managed to curate a list of `Top 10 Law Colleges - 2021'. With the help of various industry enthusiasts, our editorial board has come up with a list of premier Law Schools of the country which stand apart from the crowd owing to their unparalleled offerings.

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Top 10 Law Colleges - 2021




A K K New Law Academy Maharashtra A. K.K. New Law Academy was established in 1994 and it is a pioneering institute that aims to achieve academic excellencce
Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College Maharashtra The institute is established in 1978, and it is a premier institute of international excellence in the field of legal education.
ICFAI Law School Telangana The ICFAI Law School has excellent and continuous teaching and learning process, student centric and industry friendly dynamic curriculum and real life exposure provides
Indian Law Society Law College Maharashtra Indian Law Society Law College is a community of Students & Staff dedicated to bringing out the best in all of its members
Jindal Global Law School Haryana The institute has collaborations, exchange programmes, and research partnerships and with top universities and institutions across the globe
Lloyd Law College Uttar Pradesh Lloyd Law College is a premier educational institution offering legal education since year 2003 in affiliation with CCS University
NALSAR University of Law Telangana Since its inception, NALSAR University of Law has been home to vital conversations on law and justice and has been pioneer in this stratum
National University of Advanced Legal Studies Kerala The National Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) established by the Bar Council of Kerala Trust in 2002 merged with the NUALS
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Punjab The institute aims to evolve and impart comprehensive legal education including distant and continuing legal education at all levels to achieve excellence
Subharti Institute of Law Uttar Pradesh The institute operates with a mission to be a world- class Law School committed to the promotion of academic achievement and excellence in research