Top 10 Promising Pharmacy Colleges in India - 2019

It was pre-independent India that saw the rise of pharmaceutical education at Banaras Hindu University in 1932, which was initiated by Professor M.L. Schroff, first Vice-President of PCI (Pharmacy Council of India). Since then, almost after 88 years, the Indian pharmaceutical education has covered a long way and got All India Council of Technical Education under the `Ministry of Human Resource Development' in a few years back in 2013. While the ever-increasing population in India is demanding ways for survival by any means, there are school students that trying to help them by taking up courses like Pharmacy. However, recent records suggest that there is still a gap exist-ing between education and pharmaceutical practice. This gap is a result of the methodologies adopted by pharmaceutical institutions that is far-flung from practical learning. Only few pharmaceutical institutes are there that are providing hands-on training on the biological synthesis, physicochemical studies, analysis and manufacturing of drugs. It has become necessary to keep the demands of the pharmaceutical industry intact while drafting the syllabus of pharmaceutical institutes, so that when students graduate they are ready to deliver their best as pharmaceutical professionals. In this fast and uniformly changing pharmaceutical industry, some academic institutes are imparting pharmaceutical education that delineates the actual paradigm of this branch. Welcoming the approach of these institutes, our experts and researchers at The Higher Education Review has cropped some of the best names in the pharmaceutical industry. After careful research, we at The Higher Education Review, in this edition bring to you the 'Top 10 Promising Pharmacy Colleges in India ­ 2019'. In the next pages, you will get some mind-boggling information about present-day pharmacy education.

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Top 10 Promising Pharmacy Colleges in India - 2019




Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research Delhi The highly qualified and experienced faculty of the institute helps in molding the students to suit to their future needs.
Deccan School of Pharmacy Hyderabad The college is a most sought after institution in the region for its strong academic structured curriculum implementation with highly qualified and experienced teaching and non teaching faculties.
Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy Mumbai With excellent infrastructure, committed and knowledgeable faculty, hard working non-teaching staff and a conducive environment for teaching learning process as its corner stones, the college built a strong undergraduate program.
Gautham College of Pharmacy Bangalore Bangalore Aims to contact other research institutions at the national and international level to evolve novel ideas and outcomes.
Gayatri College of Pharmacy Jamadarpali Creating technically trained personnel in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology & promotes Technical Education in general.
Hillside College of Pharmacy and Research Centre Bangalore One of the top pharmacy colleges in Bangalore with sophisticated laboratory facilities and a well equipped digital library.
Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar College of Pharmacy and Research Institute Raigad Creating competent Pharmacy professional through quality education.
Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy Bangalore Producing cutting edge practitioners and is rated the best pharmacy college in Karnataka by 'The Week'.
Shadan College of Pharmacy Hyderabad Building the health of nation with competent Pharmacist with skill, knowledge and attitude.
Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management Mumbai The curriculum designed by the school nurtures and develops young minds into responsible Pharma professionals who will contribute ethically to the future of Pharma Industry.