Arjun Valiyaparambil,Founder and CEO

Arjun Valiyaparambil

Founder and CEO

How quickly can you calculate 14565 + 24562 +35874 without using a calculator? Did you know that a seven-year-old kid who is trained in Abacus could find the answer within seconds without the use of any material aid? Abacus has been widely recognized as an effective method for math learning and mental development especially in early childhood. Established as a brand under Wizycom - AbacusMaster is a pioneer in providing interactive learning portal for Abacus learners. The online portal has a number of special features including Anzan videos, animated video explanations, interactive applications, online exams, structured syllabus, unlimited worksheets, mental accelerator and many more which are structured into eight levels. “To make the learning even more interesting, we have different other modules (not only Abacus related) which keeps the child engaged on the portal. This includes Edu games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Sudoku etc.” Says Arjun Valiyaparambil, Founder and CEO, AbacusMaster.
The institute mainly offers two modes of learning- one is for the self-learning with the help of a desktop tutorial or online portal and another one is through direct learning centers. AbacusMaster’s learning tutorial or online portal has been used in more than 100 countries and it promotes the interactive self-study of Abacus. They have more than 200 direct learning centers in 25+ countries all around the globe, providing outstanding teaching services to children.

“AbacusMaster is the World’s leading Abacus teaching company and our teachers have undergone an extensive training program. “It is quiet easy to learn Abacus, but in order to gain rapid mental arithmetic skills, the student must do all the practice sessions prior moving to the next topic. Our learning portal ensures this,” adds Arjun. Content developed for children needs utmost mindfulness, which can make or break these tender minds thoughts and perception.

Keeping that in mind, AbacusMaster has a panel of experts who sets the syllabus, content making, and value addition to the online course. This is further delivered to the technical team who will be translating this content into an interactive digital format.
“Online learning has huge potential, not just in India, but all around the World. AbacusMaster already has its footprints in many countries and with the appetite for providing quality driven content and top-notch services, the reach will be expanded over the coming years,” concludes Arjun.
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