Asian College of Teachers

By Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty, CEO | 2018-09-24 10:54:13
Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty,CEO Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has been established to prepare global educators and create future leaders in education equipped with latest pedagogical competencies and skills who can significantly contribute to the diverse learning environments around the world. "We aim to transform teacher education by making our courses available to teaching professionals across the globe and provide them with outstanding learning and employment related courses in the field of education," says Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty, CEO, Asian College of Teachers. The institute offers tailor-made courses, which are meticulously designed and developed, keeping in mind the varied needs of the teaching aspirants as well as working teachers looking for professional developments.

“Practice-oriented learning forms the core of our courses as we help the teaching professionals become reflective practitioners and acquires competencies to integrate new concepts and knowledge to create positive learning atmosphere in diverse classrooms across the globe,” claims Dr. Sanjib.
ACT provides live chat facilities for their potential candidates who can learn about the courses instantly from any corner of the globe. The course materials can be studied both online as well as offline and they do provide external links and embedded videos for further references. As an institute that is committed to making an outstanding journey for the learners, ACT provides an actively engaging experience throughout by integrating ICT into their course design. The tutors of the institute are highly qualified and offer all kinds of support to the trainees from the time of their enrolment. The support continues until the placement after the completion of
the course. Teachers successfully completing courses from ACT will be able to design engaging lessons and involve diverse learners from varied backgrounds. They can build collaborative classrooms where their students can discuss ideas, express better and pick 21st century skills and knowledge quicker leading to academic achievement. “Our motto is to develop a useful course curriculum which will be a perfect balance of modern teaching and effective approach.
We want to be the only teacher training organization in Asia in terms of training programs for teachers, trainers and professionals from all backgrounds,” shares Dr. Sanjib. Online learning has become a vital part of modern education landscape and Asian College of Teachers is working to make their courses accessible and affordable to everyone across the world, which the learners can pursue from the comfort of their homes and get closer to a dream career.’