Sunjay Kumar Aryan,Founder & CEO

Sunjay Kumar Aryan

Founder & CEO

In this highly competitive world, the success of an individual hinges on the ability to communicate in English fluently and confidently. According to various surveys, people are paid 34 percent higher salaries in India if they can speak in English. Using the right tools to communicate the right message at the right time can salvage a crisis and motivate people to work towards success. Though we have thousands 'Spoken English' coaching centres available in every nook and corner of the country, spending considerable amount of time in an instructor led classroom to learn the queen's language is not a wise move in this digital era. is an innovative portal, which offers a wide range of online English learning resources to help adults, job seekers, homemakers and professionals.

If You Don't Speak, You Won't Learn How to Speak
At, learners can practice speaking and correct their pronunciation anytime
online, which rarely happens in a classroom situation because teacher cannot give one-hour to each student daily. "In India, 97 percent engineers were found 'unemployable' because they lack communication skill. We ensure that the learners go through a complete process of learning English grammar. We have built in Speech Recognition Technology to prepare the learners from the day one to practice speaking in English," says Sunjay Kumar Aryan, Founder & CEO, SpeakToday.

The courses of SpeakToday are structured in a way that the learners will be able to speak English confidently as they reach end of the course. The trainers will impart special coaching to those who do not feel confident to make conversation in English. Sunjay says, "Most of our trainers are certified English trainers from reputed institutions in India and abroad. Many of them have been travelling to different countries like Canada and UK for the language related activities. The trainers make the students practice daily at and make them equipped after the completion of the course."

The online institute works round the clock to ease the connection between the student and the trainer. Many international learners also join these online courses as it gives quality learning at cost effective pricing.
The online platform is helping tremendously to bridge the urban-rural divide and the institute mainly focuses on reaching the training to rural India. "Many students have said that they can learn from the portals like YouTube, but there are various setbacks as it is a one-way training and there is no one to check whether you are speaking it in the right way or not.Apart from English, our trainers are from different regional locations of India like Delhi, Punjab, UP and in south from Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and many more. They support learners in their regional language to understand some very important logical aspects of English language. It is to ensure that the students will be able to understand the concept in their mother-tongue and interact with our trainers with ease," explains Sunjay.

The institute offers a free online English test wherein they need to answer some questions by speaking. At the end of the test, they can see their knowledge on English along with their speaking skill levels. Their prime motto is to empower education institutes in India with their advanced technological support and help the students get their dream job.
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