With the Internet of Things, which enables transformational changes, the automotive industry is on brink of a revolution. It is already looking ahead to the next phase and beyond: the autonomous or self-driving car. While the IoT technologies bring fresh challenges to the automotive industry and provide new opportunities, Ashok Kumar, CEO and Founder, Armtechnow, says, "Most of the companies in India are not concentrating on the automotive embedded system or IoT. We want to work on upgrading the systems and also train the students in this field."

While IoT in India is paving a way to more projects that are ambitious and the Indian innovators in this field are expected to play differently for the IoT market, Armtechnow is introducing first of its kind IoT training to impart necessary skills to the aspirants and equip them with a skill-set of
developing their own application after training. "In this pursuit, we are offering this program after an extensive research done by our team in the past. This course gives a practical and strategic understanding of Internet of Things, which has already captured the imagination of all fortune 500 companies. So, the future belongs to a technology like Internet of Things, as it is a game changer of the future," claims Ashok.

According to the HRD ministry, India has 6,214 engineering and technology institutions, which are enrolling 2.9 million students. However, most of the graduates are not skilled enough to be a productive part of the Indian economy. As a critical player in this value chain, Armtechnow is focussing on providing industry-based training to their students through its highly trained faculty pool. "With students having less knowledge on the market needs, it is our responsibility to train them. We focus on practical training and provide students with projects that are currently in the market. The students will be given a certification once they complete the project," pinpoints Ashok.

Armtechnow is conducting workshops for students through
an independent body called "The IoT Development Board', which invites professionals from all over India. They conduct workshops' monthly, which helps the students to gain Industrial exposure. The students also get placed in top tech companies and further they are trained by working-professionals. "Our trainers are corporate employees who keep them updated on advanced technology in the market and they train our students with the same techniques," adds Ashok.

The institute provides specialised training for the students from rural sector who has a minimum knowledge of the embedded system or IoT. "Our programs are very cost-effective compared to other institutes. We take an interview before selecting a student to ensure if they are capable of taking up a career in IoT," concludes Ashok.
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