Sachin Sadare,Founder and Director

Sachin Sadare

Founder and Director

Digital Dojo, a premier-lea rning academy established in 2015 to impart skills necessary to participate and compete in the digital economy, is one of the key players in the IoT training arena. “Our mission is to empower at least 1 million students and professionals by 2025 with various digital skills like IoT, Digital Marketing, Automation and Machine Learning. We endeavour to mitigate the existing skill gaps with outcome based courses that will help our learners face the digital world with more confidence. We want to empower the leaders of tomorrow with skills that will help them take path breaking decisions. In this journey, we are proudly associated with some premier institutes like NIESBUD (Ministry of Skills Development),
IEEE Bombay, D-Link Academy and many others,” says Sachin Sadare - Founder and Director, Digital Dojo. Since February 2015, Digital Dojo has conducted over 100 workshops, with more than 300 days of training and trained more than 5000 participants in various programmes.

Digital Dojo’s focus is on imparting digital skills that not only produce excellent job performers but also amazing job creators. The institute works with different start-ups and companies, providing projects and internships to those who show a spark of innovation. All the training programs are outcome based where the trainers encourage participants to think how IoT will change their company, their client needs, and thus ultimately their industry. “Our flagship programs - ‘IoT Kick-Start Corporate Training’ provides learners an excellent opportunity to understand the IoT technology and its role in bringing new products and services to the world. We provide one of the best training contents and faculty to facilitate the entire learning experience,” claims Sachin.

Digital Dojo’s three-day Kick-Start workshops are aimed at introducing IoT to the companies, encouraging them to think about the changing needs of their customers and the industry. The fiveday Kick-Start workshops are built on the three-day programme, where the last two days are spent by working with the latest microcontrollers and popular IoT platforms. Digital Dojo also conducts one-day and two-day ‘Introduction to IoT’ and ‘Strategic
Impact of IoT’ training sessions for companies where the participants are introduced to the changing world of digital technologies.
For the students,Digital Dojo organizes workshops and imparts practical knowledge on how to work with sensors, microcontrollers, cloud systems, analytics and mobile applications. These are focused trainings over a week, where students learn how to use IoT components and create meaningful projects from the knowledge gained. These are conducted at the end of the engineering semesters after the exams. Upon invitation, Digital Dojo also conducts IoT workshops in colleges and educational institutes. Digital Dojo manages a separate IoT Portal,which is focused on imparting IoT knowledge, applications and use cases to the global community. “Our
‘IoT Workshops’ Facebook page has over 12500 active members as of July 2017 and we invite IoT learners to join our growing global community of IoT enthusiasts,” says Sachin. Our training programs are only the beginning of a long journey, based on a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial ambition,” opines Sachin. In the near future, Digital Dojo will be introducing online training programs and courses. Digital Dojo looks to collaborate with the right people and the right institutions to ensure they reach their stated mission for 2025.
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