Kirubakaran Reddy,Founder and Director

Kirubakaran Reddy

Founder and Director

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) is witnessing a skyrocketing global demand. It is the capability in improving the efficiency of things to make a refined mode, which is leading to the increased demand for IoT. With the increasing demand, now every training institute is working on the innovative strategies to stand ahead of others in relation to the training. For ExpertsHub Industry Skill Development Center, one of the leading skill development organizations in the country, it is the experiential methodology with a team of senior in-house experts and leading Subject Matter Experts (SME's) across the industry that create uniqueness in this field. Today, ExpertsHub is the one of best places for the students to learn and become ready for the industry. “Our firm’s name and the proficient are the reflection of what we do here,” states Kirubakaran Reddy, Founder and Director, ExpertsHub.
Through the training programmes, the institute provides learning based on the current scenario, industry trends, and technical aspect as well as on the teamwork. The projects are designed in such a way that everybody has to work in a team and the students are supposed to come up with the solutions to the given problems. “We lay our focus on the basics and once the foundation is created, we provide them with extra case studies and study materials,” adds Reddy.

The institute offers intensive programmes where students have to work for 14 hours. Within this time, the class is held for a minimum of seven hours and the rest of the time, students are made to work on their projects.
“The classroom training contains hands-on training with industry experts and after the session students will work in a team in the assigned problem statement. Join - Interact - Learn - Practice - Be Industry Ready, is what exactly our programmes provide to all the learners,” pinpoints Reddy.

"We always maintain a strong and healthy relation with the experts from the industry. We have trainers with different years of experience,” claims Reddy. The team possesses a mix of
mentors with experience and the subject matter skills. These trainers rightly guide the individuals on all the aspects of IoT. The training covers the software, hardware and the communication part of the IOT. “We teach them the latest hardware andthe methods to control a hardware using software,” says Reddy.

Expertshub has established Industry Skill Development centre with leading educational institutions in Chennai,
Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Delhi NCR to develop skills of students across various part of India. Automotive Industry Simulation, Civil Engineering Industrial Internship, Mobile App Development and Fullstack Web Development are few to name among them. The students get the technical information and at the same time, the rapport with the industry experts enables them in handling the challenges they need to face in the workplace. This perfect mix of innovative and experiential teaching strategies followed by the institute helps them in creating more experts in the world of IoT technology.
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