Prof. Rabinder Henry,Director The increasing progress in computing, communication and control in the last decade has led to the integration and convergence of Internet Communication Technologies (ICT). Presently, this has led everything to be connected to the internet for easy access, monitoring and control as Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT provides innovative products and services to reach the everyday life and businesses. Pralhad P Chhabria Research Center (PPCRC) programmes have been designed to groom quality human resource professionals for the
technology convergence era. “We at PPCRC provide the right learning and research environment coupled with the intellectual freedom. The main aim of our institute is to groom explorers, experimenters, inventors, discoverers, innovators and creators who would contribute in the nation building efforts for the new age,” says Prof. Rabinder Henry, Director, PPCRC.

The current decade is being personified by connecting everything to the internet and every technological innovation resulted from multidisciplinary research and product development. PPCRC research in IoT includes design, development and manufacturing of hardware and software solutions for variety of applications. These solutions include sensors modules, actuators modules, Software Design Kits (SDK), Product Design Kits (PDK), and stand alone IoT platform. “Our program covers three aspects of learning. One is about the scientific concepts from which we move on to the second, the engineering concepts finally colliding with the technology concepts,” says Prof. Henry. There is a need for understanding the concepts and idea in order to make innovations. “Here in PPCRC, we balance both software and hardware sides. While most of the learners buy readymade models, our trainees would get to learn from their own IoT models,” opines Prof. Henry. The institute adopts the best methodologies in making the trainees get the knowledge about the usage of the IoT models and the communication with any kind of devices.
The training at PPCRC starts with the development of a complete hardware on which the communication is applied and then the collected data is used. PPCRC's intent is to advance knowledge through research and provide education and training in Science, Engineering, and Technology, to serve India and the world. The institute also focuses on research and convergence of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Cognitive Technology. Thus, with the offered programmes, the institute works for professionals in industry to enhance their knowledge and skills to adapt themselves to the ever-transforming world of technology.
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