Dr.Lalitya Srivastava,Director While India is striving to make a vigorous growth, there is a great need for entrepreneurs who can bring their thoughts into play and help towardsthe development. As a first step, we need to have high- quality management institutes that can produce skilled entrepreneurs. Though India is well equipped with a good number of premier management institutes,hardly few of them focus on creating leaders who are capable of disrupting the market with their entrepreneurial ideas. The core team behind the Asian Business School, an innovative Centre of academic excellence and one of the top colleges for PGDM / MBA in India, has been successful in inducing innovative thoughts in their students.

“Innovation is a continuous process and we are all sensitive to the surroundings. As a team,we work to update students about the latest trends in the industry and to develop an observation capacity in the students that will eventually lead them to think differently,” says Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, Asian Business School. The institute prepares its students to pursue opportunities for doing business without regard to the resources one controls. In other words, ABS has given a great emphasis on inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in its students. While the institute collaborates with various organizations to produce young entrepreneurs, many ABS alumni are successfully running their business ventures today.
“The practical oriented education facilitates better learning. As our students are learning by doing, they gain firsthand experience and it will help them to develop the skills required by the industry and eventually they will be able to take up the challenges of an entrepreneur,” opines Dr. Srivastava.

While, a large number of B-Schools in India focus more on theoretical knowledge and create mediocre professionals, ABS offers an internationally recognized qualification, by the finest academic minds who impart holistic knowledge through deductive learning methodology. With the vision proving international exposure to every student, ABS has associated itself with several leading universities overseas.

The institute believes in the power of academic networking around the globe and is in further discussion with universities of UK, US, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia for exchange programs and other collaborations for their students and faculty members. At present, ABS has international tie ups with similar institutions, to give students the international edge. ABS has MOU with Oxford Business College and sends all its students to UK for education tour to Oxford Business College, where they complete their international research on comparative issues on international business, which is then evaluated by the academicians of Oxford Business College(OBC), UK to help them earn qualification in international business.

In addition to the international collaborations, ABS has strong industry – business school interfaces to integrate classroom teaching and practical experience in the field to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The summer internship program of ABS wherein students
are sent for an internship for two months has been highly successful and helps the institute to attract large number recruiters to the campus. “We have tied up with many reputed companies and conduct their training programs in our institution. Many high level professionals from these organizations will also come here to give us their valuable inputs about the industry,” claims Dr. Srivastava. These divergent methods and customized development plan with preparedness have been attracting many brilliant students towards ABS.

“When it comes to recruitment, we have introduced a concept called 3C, which stands for Company, Customers and Competitors. This helps students to understand the company and the industry very well, so that they can perform well in the interview,” claims Dr. Srivastava. Personality development, physical fitness, personal grooming and training in communication skills are an integral part of education and training at ABS for preparing its students to enter the business world with determination and necessary self-confidence. “The two years’ time here in ABS improves a student’s skill set and we ensure that they do have at least one job in their hands, once they step out of the institution,” claims Dr. Srivastava. ABS provides 100 percent placement assistance and works towards creating entrepreneurs who can guarantee job to others. “Within these years, we were able to achieve our goal of developing ABS as center of academic excellence. Now, we plan to visualize us amongst the top most institutions in India,” concludes Srivastava.
Management College of the year- 2016