AudioLife School of Sound Engineering: Aspiring To Be The Most Trusted Sound Engineering And Music Production Institute Across The Globe

By Yashwanth Shivaprakash, Founder
Yashwanth Shivaprakash,Founder Sound engineering and music production education has been an often-overlooked higher education segment in India and the pedestrian attitude of the Indians towards higher education in the music industry has been a major factor behind this. With that being said, there are some positive changes happening in the sound engineering education strata owing to the increasing demand of students who want to pursue a career in sound engineering and music production.

Pioneering the Indian sound engineering space is AudioLife School of Sound Engineering. The institute has been able to equip aspiring students with the needed skills required to be successful in the Indian and global music and entertainment industry. The Institute is a certified Avid Partner and one of the authorized training centers of Skill India (NSDC-MESC) under Media and Entertainment category.

It is also certified by Bharat Sevak Samaj. Audiolife operates with a vision to become the most trusted Sound Engineering and Music Production institute across the globe. Owing to the quality of their education, the institute has been able to create a positive reputation among both the students and professionals working in the music and entertainment industry.

Striking the Right Chords
AudioLife operates with a unique mission to make music education affordable and accessible to everyone and create the best talents in the field of Electronic Music Production and Sound Engineering. The institute offers custom designed and developed programs in Sound Engineering, Music Production, Disc Jockeying and Instrument Classes. Apart from this, AudioLife also offers online courses in Music Production, Mixing and Mastering.
Avid Protool Certification and Art of Disc Jockeying to name a few. “We have lots of students who have been reaching their goals and objectives along with our vision. We make sure that the pain points of the students are addressed by providing top-notch education that combines both the theoretical and practical aspects in the perfect manner. We have a lot of instances where students who have completed their course away - coming back to us for additional guidance and to repeat the program as they were not given enough knowledge, hands on experience with the state-of-art infrastructure as promised in the beginning,"

“Owing to the quality of their education, the institute has been able to create a positive reputation among both the students and professionals working in the music and entertainment industry”

Adding about the unique teaching pedagogies and curriculum followed at AudioLife, Co-Founder, N. Shivaprakash adds, “Our courses and curriculums are designed with industry specialist’s approval. With the help of state of art equipment and technology, we make sure that the students are adapting to the changing trends and requirements in the industry throughout their learning process. So, when it comes to our curriculum, new upgradations are being added every month or every day, or every week, according to the changes in the industry.

Also, our curriculum has modules and each and every module is interrelated. When it comes to equipping our students with the needed skills,we provide a complete hands-on experience with assignments being given in each and every class where the student needs to use the complete infrastructure available to them and they are also given two hours to practice daily to hone their practical skills”.

Fine-tuning for Consistent Growth
Students at AudioLife are offered the perfect learning environment to hone their talents and skills to become successful in their respective careers. A long list of famous musicians and other
artists from around the globe interacts with the students on a regular basis which acts as a source of motivation for the students to work harder. The institute gives ample importance to the placements of the students.

Their strong industry connections and positive repute allows AudioLife to attract various companies and music production houses for recruiting their students. Owing to that, the college has been able to achieve a placement record of 95 percent which is impressive especially for a sound engineering institute. Students of AudioLife have even setup their own studios and some of them are even making a name for themselves in the film industry.

N Shivaprakash, Co-Founder

AudioLife has been awarded on numerous occasions owing to the quality of their teaching and for their ability to bring in revolutionary changes. Some of those achievements include being awarded The 2016 'Future of India' award, which is given for excellence in Business Innovation, India Education Award 2019 for Best Sound Engineering Institute in India 2019, winning The 2017 “World 'World Leadership Federation’s' Middle East -Asia Leadership Award for Academic Leadership and India 5000 Best MSME award –2017 for outstanding contribution in quality and excellence in the realm of customer satisfaction.

Recently the institution has also won the Internation Goal Achiever Award for the Best School of Sound Engineering & Students' Placement Services. Looking ahead, AudioLife has plans to get into the higher education domain and increasing their industry relations while at the same time continue to provide the best price and best quality in music education and to do diversification in subjects and modules to create different kinds of specialized courses.
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