Jam Music Conservatory: Nurturing The Next-gen Of Passionate Music Professionals

By Mathew P Joy, Founder & Dean
Mathew P Joy,Founder & Dean

Mathew P Joy

Founder & Dean

Music education has been an often-over-looked higher education segment in India; and the lack of knowledge about the vast opportunities that the music industry can offer and the passive attitude of Indian parents towards music education has been a primary factor behind this. With that said, things are changing in India and more and more students are aspiring to pursue a career in music which has changed the common conception that music education is not mainstream.

Pioneering the music education segment in India owing to their innovative teaching pedagogies and academic expertise is Jam Music Conservatory. Operating under the parent institute of Jam Music Education, Jam Music Conservatory has been able to cement themselves as an elite music education institute that strives to incorporate state of the art infrastructure and best in class practices to offer the perfect learning environment for their students.

Starting out as an exclusive drum training facility in 1999, Jam Music Conservatory has now developed into one of the most recognized and sought-after names in the music education fraternity of the country.

Transcending Music Education
As a pioneering music education institute, Jam Music Conservatory has been a front-runner when it comes to introducing new pedagogies and bringing in the latest technologies to stay up to date and offer their students holistic education for their wholesome development. “As a drum student myself during 80’s & 90’s, I felt that in India we were very far behind other western countries when it came to the quality and opportunity to learn drums under the best circumstances.

People didn’t even understand the importance of having the correct frequency balance inside the classrooms for the children to learn. We also wanted our children to learn and maintain the musicianship and the professionalism having sufficient instrument knowledge to deliver in the best possible way. After starting institutions in Kochi,
Trivandrum and Bangalore I was even finding it hard to record these music instruments in a studio. For instruments like acoustic drums, grand piano etc, there was no professional studio to record it in the most suitable way.

So, I felt that I should do something about it without looking at its monetary side but try to make a difference in the community. So, we launched a first of its kind completely a professional recording studio at Kochi and this is one of the many new innovations that we have started in the field of music.”, avers, Mathew Joy, Founder and Dean, Jam Music Conservatory.

Striving to offer the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training, Jam Music Conservatory had to come-up with a custom-designed and developed curriculum which will help their students start from the very basics of music and go all the way into complex concepts and processes.

“Starting out as an exclusive drum training facility in 1999, Jam Music Conservatory has now developed into one of the most recognized and sought-after names in the music education fraternity of the country.”

To help students to find an area that suits them the most, Jam Music Conservatory has formulated different programs including foundation level diploma programs in Music Production and Audio Engineering along with courses in various instruments and subjects like Contemporary & Classical Vocal, Violin, Latin & Carnatic Percussion, Drums, Guitar, and Piano to name a few. For the Sound Engineering and Music Production courses, the candidates will get a full step by step walkthrough which will help them to understand from scratch what they are supposed to do.

The final project for the students will be to make a song from the scratch of capturing the source, understanding the musicality & production, connecting with all the artists and then deliver the final project in such a way that it meets the artist’s expectations.

Setting Examples for the Rest
Jam Music Conservatory operates with the mission to provide value-based career-oriented education to their students. Apart from just offering top-notch music education, the institute has also made it their priority to provide required support and career counselling cum guidance for both the
students and parents as well as helping underprivileged students with numerous development opportunities.

The students from Jam Music Conservatory have immense opportunities to become leaders in the music industry and adding about their collaborations and some of the achievements of their alumni, Mathew says, “We are in collaboration with Engine Room Audio in New York and we are also authorized in Kerala for the LCM - University of West London.

These collaborations allow our students to even do internships in New York and do higher studies at the University of West London. We have students who are very successful professionals working for different bands in the industry and those who have done Masters & PhD in top universities such as Cincinnati University, Central Michigan University, New York University, and the University of West London.

We also have students working as audio engineering faculty in various top universities. Also, our student’s achieved the National Award from the Honourable President of India for being exceptional in music.

By not following a traditional batch kind of approach, the expert faculty of Jam Music Conservatory has been able to cater to the requirements of each individual student and nurture professionals who are confident and level-minded. As far as the future goes, Jam Music Conservatory is aiming to bring awareness to the people regarding the opportunities for music education and how to support students on their passion.

The institute is also provides workshops and empowering sessions in schools and they have now collaborations with EMJ Foundation in providing support for under-privileged children. By not commercialising Music, Jam Music Conservatory is aiming to have a very holistic approach in terms of professionalism and being innovative as well as to lead the industry and be an example for others to follow.

Mathew P Joy, Founder & Dean
Mathew has more than two decades of experience in the area of music education. Under his guidance, Jam Music Conservatory has been bringing in positive changes in the community and has been growing from strength to strength.
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