Bagula Mukhi College of Architecture & Planning (BMCAP): Enriching The Lives Of Architecture Aspirants With Effective And Focused Training

By Somesh Bhatnagar, Chairman
Somesh Bhatnagar,Chairman

Somesh Bhatnagar


In today's fast-moving professional world, higher education institutes act as a catalyst where observation skills are developed through the perspective of commons. Professional architecture is different from what is being perceived by a normal person. Bagula Mukhi College of Architecture & Planning (BMCAP) is a higher education institute that strives to equip young architecture aspirants with the required skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern world, thus helping them make a name for themselves in the industry. Operating under the wide banner of Maa Bagula Mukhi Education Research Training & Development Society that was established under the societies act, BMCAP was incepted with an objective to educate young minds with a good education at all levels of mind and spirit. The higher education institute operates with the primary motive of fostering excellence in higher education.

Ensuring Holistic Development
BMCAP is affiliated to the prestigious Rajeev Gandhi Technical University (RGTU) and is also approved and recognized by AICTE and Council of Architecture (CoA). The institute is also the first private college of architecture in Bhopal that is operating under RGTU that was established in 2010. Offering a fresh take on the contemporary approach to education, BMCAP ensures that the education that they provide is not confined to four walls and endless lectures. The higher education institute operates with a vision of becoming a globally recognized multidisciplinary foundation in architecture studies with the design studio as a major focus of the curriculum. BMCAP provides
unique opportunities for students to explore other disciplines and cluster electives. The college has specifically designed and developed its B. Arch and M. Arch courses to build awareness and appreciation about the contribution of architecture to the physical well being and cultural development of societies. BMCAP is an advocate of sustainable development and they are all in to provide an environment conducive to intellectual curiosity, innovation, experimentation, creativity, and professional growth.

"BMCAP is affiliated to the prestigious Rajeev Gandhi Technical University (RGTU) and is also approved and recognized by AICTE and Council of Architecture (CoA)"

The institute is committed to providing an intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers and visionaries that are inspired and motivated to have a positive impact on the world. BMCAP believes that architecture is a stream where end-users of engineering innovations are made to work within the thin line of Arts and Science. The institute understands that the most important objective of a higher education institute is to enrich the lives of their students by equipping them with cutting edge knowledge and class-leading training so that when they pass out from the institute they will be a better version of themselves. To ensure that students from all the strata of the society are provided with first-rate higher education BMCAP has made the course fees of all their courses affordable. Other than this the college also accepts government-sponsored students. The institute believes that no one should be deprived of higher professional education just because they can't afford the astronomical and ever-increasing fees demanded by other higher education institutions. This operational ideology has helped BMCAP to grow into one of the most recognized and sought after higher education institutes
in central India.

Backed by a Unique Teaching Pedagogy
With the help of their expert faculties, BMCAP is able to offer an interactive and self-explanatory mode of teaching which helps their students to have a better understanding of the concepts and topics that they are learning. With the faculties of the institute being participating architects, BMCAP is able to constantly update themselves and their teaching methodologies to align with the industry requirements. The faculties of the institute are also aware of the market trends, modern design technology, and different bylaws, amendments and bills related to the field. All the faculties of BMCAP have got a detailed and well-versed understanding of the architecture space and this domain expertise thus allows them to provide a wholesome learning experience for the students.

Infrastructure is key for any institute and for BMCAP it is one of the key components for the development of the students. The institute boasts state of the art infrastructural facilities such as modernized studios, classrooms, libraries and material labs to offer the best for their students. "We believe that architectural education is necessarily imperfect and teaching architectural design means different things to different people. One thing that we make sure is that the design studio lies at the heart of architectural education where learning through a well-documented pedagogical process of `learning by doing' forms the student primary experience", avers Somesh Bhatnagar, Chairman, BMCAP.

Somesh Bhatnagar, Chairman
Somesh's leadership has been crucial in the development of BMCAP and he is a firm believer that higher education should not be denied to any aspirant just because of the fact that they can't afford it. His goal is to develop BMCAP into an elite higher education institute that is known throughout the country.
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