K L School of Architecture: Creating A New Generation Of Intellectually Inclined Students

By Dr. L.S.S Reddy, Vice Chancellor
Dr. L.S.S Reddy,Vice Chancellor

Dr. L.S.S Reddy

Vice Chancellor

With the world moving faster than ever before, it is important to nurture an academic culture which advocates the importance of sustainable development. K L School of Architecture working under K L (deemed to be) University is located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh has been imparting the importance of sustainable growth and development to its students for nearly half a decade now. The institute was predominantly set up to address the growing needs of the industry with sustainable architecture coming to the forefront and green buildings, and climate control becoming the new norm. Accredited by NAAC with A++ grade, K L University has always kept students and their futures at the forefront of every single decision, be it setting up India's only green campus to giving world-class facilities to students in a very conducive environment. The aim of the institute has always been to build future-ready leaders and consummate professionals who are industry-ready and prepared for any new role that comes their way.

Creating a Difference
Taking a different path from other architecture colleges, the genesis of K L School of Architecture lies in sustainable architecture and green technology and the programs offered by the institute which heavily focus on research conducted in the areas of sustainable architecture, urban and rural designing and planning, innovative building materials and climate-responsive architecture. The institute focuses on creating a unique blend of design, creativity, and objectivity with a social purpose that endows students with architecture and design skills combined with social analysis and communication skills to contribute towards the creation of a new professional identity.
K L School of Architecture offers a specialized 5 year B. Arch program wherein the students are trained as per current industry trends and requirements. The institute has designed unique academic programs to make their students experts in the architecture field.

"Alongside the skills required for the course, our students are also exposed to a variety of thought-provoking and intellectually inspiring sessions through field trips and research projects, which brings out the creative best in them. Our students are also taught manual and digital mode designing techniques, conceptual sketching techniques with special emphasis on creating miniature building models also", avers Dr. L.S.S Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (KLEF).

"K L School of Architecture makes sure that their faculty takes active part in attending COA-TRC programs, AICTE sponsored programs, architectural expos and workshops to update themselves"

Helping Students Identify their Full-Potential
To ensure that their faculties are always aware about the latest developments in the educational and technological space, K L School of Architecture makes sure that their faculty takes active part in attending COA-TRC programs, AICTE sponsored programs, National seminars, conferences, exhibitions, architectural expos and workshops to update themselves. The institute also understands the importance of practical knowledge in the modern competitive environment.

"We're perhaps the few institutions in the world who encourage students to train on live projects while also pursuing their degrees. Having practicing architects and industry mentors as part of the teaching faculty and allowing students to be a part of live construction site studies and other projects gives our students a unique opportunity to experience and gather knowledge from both their
classrooms and real work environments. Our students have regular hands-on workshops by renowned architects and off classroom learning through site visits, construction site studies, seminars, live case studies and analysis along with active collaboration with practicing architects in every semester and as part of the curriculum, every student has to undergo an internship program of six months which is a partial fulfillment of awarding a Bachelors degree in Architecture", says Dr. Reddy. Through design studios, seminars, and lectures, students experience and practice both the theoretical and practical side of architecture. The students can make use of the state of the art facilities like the fully equipped labs and construction yards provided by the institute to hone their skills. The Institute also boasts a central library building constructed as a green building with natural sunlight inside the library and it is one of the best ones of its kind.

K L School of Architecture aspires to evolve in the future by keeping their industry connections strong and encouraging students to participate in live projects and learn on the job while also pursuing their degree so they understand their coursework better. Additionally, their pedagogy doesn't entirely rely on technical skills and the institute also lays equal emphasis on soft skills, communication skills, and presentation skills which is something the industry currently needs and falls short on.

Dr. L.S.S Reddy, Vice Chancellor
Dr. L.S.S. Reddy is an eminent Professor of the Computer Science and Engineering Department and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani. Dr. Reddy is an outstanding administrator, a prolific researcher and a forward-looking educationalist. With over 30 years of experience in teaching, research and administration across prestigious institutes like BITS Pilani, CBIT and many more. Dr. Reddy has been instrumental to K L's growth story, from the Engineering college to the deemed to be University that it is today.
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