Sri Sri University: Priding Itself On Offering Value-Based Education In Specialized Areas Of Study

By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,Founder During the period of the 1980s, Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar formulated a series of practical and experiential courses in spirituality around the globe. Because of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's teachings on lifestyle, his name often presides with the terms 'Sri Sri' or 'Guruji'. He believes that science and spirituality are linked and compatible, both springing from the urge to know. Absorbing this great man's philosophy and directed by his vision for education, Sri Sri University (SSU) came into existence in 2009 at Godisahi, Cuttack.

"SSU Has Witnessed Some Record Breaking Campus Recruitments Where The Recruitment Process Is A Collaborative Process Between The Students And Management"

Believing in the strategy of Learn-Lead-Serve, SSU is opportune to preserve the ancient wisdom of the East and in parallel offering the best of Western innovation. In a sprawling campus positioned over a vast landscape of 188 acres of land on a hilltop beside the bank of the tributary of river Mahanadi at the outskirts of Cuttack, the University has both residential and non-residential facilities. The beautiful campus is designed by renowned architects that can be compared to the ancient Universities of Nalanda and Takshila. The environment of the University has a cluster of minimalistic structures amid trees, shrubs and well-laid out lawns that provide a serene ambiance.

Driving Courses for Better Results
Since its inception, SSU is known for its world-class architecture education in India. Offering a range of pivotal, unique and cutting-edge undergraduate, postgraduate degree and doctoral (Ph.D.) programmes, the University has integrated the degree programmes with a short-term diploma and certificate courses. While imparting holistic and value-based education for creating visionary thinkers with social-consciousness out of ordinary students, SSU is giving rise to societal leaders who could filter out inevitable changes for
the best. "Students can choose from a range of 50+ UG, PG and Ph.D. encircling all the fields of studies including management programs as well. Osteopathy is one special program that we offer. Covering a complete syllabus including all the three areas of science, musculoskeletal osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, this program is facilitated by international experts from Europe, India, North and South America," says Rajita Kulkarni, President, SSU.

Incorporating a variety of teaching methods involving both lectures and case-based teachings to bring in the corporate dynamics to the classroom, SSU's courses and makes them socially conscious individuals.

"While Imparting Holistic And Value-Based Education For Creating Visionary Thinkers With Social-Consciousness Out Of Ordinary Students, SSU Is Giving Rise To Societal Leaders Who Could Filter Out Inevitable Changes For The Best"

SSU has witnessed some record-breaking campus recruitments where the recruitment process is a collaborative process between the students and management. The students actively participate in the interaction with organizations whereas the management plays an active role in grooming the students to become corporate ready. There is always a continuous upward trend in the number of opportunities created. The highest salary and the average pay packages are INR 20 LPA and 7.15 LPA respectively for the 2017-19 batch. For the 2018-20 batch, the highest salary was INR 12.4 LPA and the average package offered was INR 9.05. Each individual student gets 5 opportunities for final placements. "The placement success is a result of the curriculum. It integrates value-added workshops to inculcate life skills of vision, passion, innovation, risk-taking capacity, entrepreneurship skills, confidence, team building, zeal for learning and the ability to accept criticism," avers Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh, Vice-Chancellor, SSU.

Not only the students get placed in reputed firms but also to inculcate the entrepreneurial culture among them, SSU has started a center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation which they call 'SRINOVATION'.
As describing SRINOVATION's way of enlightening students' entrepreneurial skills, Prof. P. Srinivas Subbarao, Chief of 'SRINOVATION' and Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Management, SSU quotes, "This center focuses on drawing a student's personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, critical and creative thinking skills and practical skills."

For the teachers, SSU has laid importance on the spiritual growth and development so that individuals after joining the university are able to control their thoughts and emotions in a constructive manner; The Art of Living 'Happiness Program'. It is conducted for all the new entrants and is aimed at perfecting them in their respective domains.

In case of maintaining a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, SSU offers students to participate in cricket, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis on one hand and Indian sports such as the kabaddi on the other. "Collympics is an intra-university, week-long annual sports fest of the university conducted by students under the mentorship of their faculty members. In this event, you will witnesses huge participation of the students, staff and faculty members," explains Rajita.

Recently, SSU has won the 'Inspiring Green Mentor Award - 2019' at the 3rd NYC Green School Conference - 2019, a platform where global green educators are lauded for their efforts. 'Green U Award - 2019' and 'Inspiring Climate Educator Award - 2019' for bringing Nature into Higher Education at the National Green Mentors Conference, Ahmedabad. SSU was adjudged the Second Best Institution in Agri-Business Management Award at the 7th National Conference and Game Changer Awards, Mumbai under the Excellence in Agri Education (Agri-Business Management) category. For preserving this success, SSU has plans to create centers of excellence in knowledge research across the fields of study so that students achieve the highest levels of professional ability and serve the needs of local, national and global economies.
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