Beijing University of Technology (BJUT): Promising Diverse Learning Environments and Opportunities For Students From Different Cultural Backgrounds

By Team BJUT
Team BJUT China’s growth into an economic powerhouse has been nothing short of an inspiration for other developing nations. When studied carefully, one can understand that the ability of Chinese educational institutions to nurture exemplary individuals has played a major role in China’s road to glory. In 1960, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) was established in the southeast industrial area of Beijing with a mission of providing the capital with engineering talents to serve the new high-level, high-precision and advanced industrial system. Following the principle of ‘Rooted in Beijing, Serving Beijing, Inspiring China, and Embracing the world’, BJUT has pioneered a development path with their own unique characteristics. The University strives to cultivate first-class talents with an exploring andinnovative spirit and global vision. Today, BJUT has developed into a high-level multi-disciplinary research university providing programs in science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, art and education with engineering as a core focus.

A Diverse Course List to Choose From

Currently, BJUT has 3 national key disciplines i.e. 21 Beijing municipal key disciplines, 65 undergraduate programs, 33 master’s degree programs, 20 doctoral degree programs and 18 post-doctoral research centers. Five of their disciplines including Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Engineering, Environment and Computer Sciences have entered the top 1 percent of the ESI Rankings. Besides the regular Chinese-taught programs, BJUT also offers four English-taught Master’s programs in Information Technology, Urban Construction, Chinese Economy and Society, and Materials and Manufacturing for international students. The University has 20 Ph.D.

programs taught in either English or Chinese attracting more than 50 new students from all over the world to study with them every year.

Currently, BJUT has 24,120 full-time students, including 7908 graduate students and over the years, BJUT has cultivated over 1,60,000 graduates who are now playing their important roles in all walks of life. By introducing and cultivating talents at the same time, BJUT has fostered a sound mechanism and a favorable environment for the introduction and cultivation of talents, and gradually built a large top-notch talent team with reasonable structure and high quality. This has helped the University to cater to a wider audience and in 2019 alone BJUT was home to 1091 international students from over 100 countries around the globe.

"BJUT understands the importance of giving students that are less privileged an opportunity to get top-notch higher education and build a successful career"

Nowadays, BJUT aims to serve the development strategies of China and the major demands of Beijing with its prominent advantages in scientific research and gradually build an innovative eco-system with an indepth integration of government, industry, university, research and application. Currently, the University has 3169 faculty and staff including 1914 full-time faculty and as of now, BJUT has three National Key Engineering Laboratories. The University has won 29 State Scientific and Technological Progress Awards in the most recent decade and with 2600 valid national invention patents, BJUT ranks 13th among all universities in Mainland China.

The scientific results of the University have been used in many major projects including the environmental protection mechanism, and the traffic operation and management during the Beijing Olympic Games to name a few. BJUT has established internationalization as one of its three major strategies and has been actively accelerating its internationalization process
and improving its capability of international school running with a steady rise in its global reputation and influence. The University has also established formal partnerships with 168 universities and institutions in 33 countries and regions. In 2017, together with 23 universities from China and Poland, BJUT co-pioneered the Belt & Road Sino-Polish University Consortium. Later In 2019, owing to their strong international tie-ups over 1000 students participated in BJUT’s study abroad programs.

An Example for the Rest

BJUT understands the importance of giving students that are less privileged an opportunity to get top-notch higher education and build a successful career. Talking about the scholarship opportunities that the students can avail, Prof. Fu Guo, Vice President (International) of BJUT says, “Over a dozen different scholarships from the Chinese government and the Beijing local government are provided to our international students with the annual total grant amount reaching over 25 million RMB. Over 300 international students get the full scholarship from the Chinese government yearly accounting for 35 percent of the total international student body.”

Even while concentrating on the academic aspect so keenly, BJUT still gives ample importance towards their students’ extracurricular activities. Art troupes of the University have won many awards including multiple-time first prizes in the National College Students’ Art Exhibition and Performance. Sports teams of the University such as the Badminton Team have won many awards including Champion of the 2018 Thomas Cup Badminton and Champion of the 2017 Badminton Asia Championships. Upholding the motto of ‘Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path’ and seizing the opportunity of the national ‘Double First-Class’ construction plan, and with the goal of building a world-class university, BJUT is ready to write brilliant new chapters as they chase their centenary dream.
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