David Rix,President

David Rix


Although the 12th standard result is not the only parameter to measure one's intelligence level, it plays a significant role in enabling students to gain admission into their dream course or a prestigious college. The mark obtained does matter a lot if someone really aspires to get a foot in the door. But in an attempt to earn good grades in 12th standard, the subject which stands out as an obstacle for most students is Maths. It demands explicit understanding and practical knowledge instead of rote learning. CBSESUCCESS (www.cbsesuccess.com) is designed to give students confidence to take the 12th standard Maths examination. It is a unique step-by-step approach to solving the curriculum exercises on a hassle-free online learning platform.

"It was during a business trip to India when I noticed enormous lines of students waiting outside tutoring centers. After asking my daughter's friend regarding any alternatives available to make Maths knowledge more accessible,
she pitched me the idea of an e-learning portal, since it is one of the toughest subjects. This is when initiating CBSESUCCESS came into my mind," recalls David Rix, President of CBSESUCCESS. Followed by a few years of extensive research and exceptional content creation, we gave thousands of students in India free logins to the content available on the website. After receiving unparallel appreciation and praise from the varied stakeholders of education, CBSESUCCESS started operating as a subscription-based site this year (2018).

"Today, CBSESUCCESS leaves no stone unturned to serve every student with the right knowledge of Maths and directs them towards their respective higher education goals."

Today, CBSESUCCESS leaves no stone unturned to serve every student with the right knowledge of Maths and directs them towards their respective higher education goals. "We have tapped some of the best Maths professionals from all over India and the United States in this effort. A very reasonable one-time payment renders students access to everything for one year that comprises a dedicated Math learning community, where learning is fun and without pressure. We don't hide anything behind a pay wall," pinpoints Rix.
Students using CBSESUCCESS have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and develop a study plan that fits their daily schedule.

David shares, "Currently we offer solutions to the entire NCERT curriculum and its miscellaneous sections. We have provided solutions to Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions from other examinations (such as the JEE), over 40 tests, fully animated HD videos explaining exercises in the 13 chapters of the NCERT CBSE 12 Class textbook, 10 model examinations and solutions to the last 10 years of board examinations". The site is designed in a user-friendly manner where the students can self-evaluate via tests or exams at any time they choose.

"We take detailed care to maintain content quality. The process of finalizing the content to be delivered is prepared, reviewed and approved collaboratively by the manager, trainer and secondary trainer," opines Rix. Facilitating the students with the most up-to-date information in CBSE Maths, CBSESUCCESS is focused to evolve as a primary space which assists students in receiving a top-quality Maths learning experience at a fraction of the cost, without having to confront the expensive and traditional tutorial classes.
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