Charnock Healthcare Institute


The state of West Bengal is likely to see a 130,000 shortfall in skilled resources as claimed by the CII – PWC Skill Gap study, where there would be a need of 20,000 to 30,000 qualified nurses and over 60,000 paramedical stuffs and allied health professionals.
Rising up to the occasion, Charnock Healthcare Institute is creating talented workforce for the healthcare sector by providing affordable and enriched education. A first of its kind healthcare institute in Eastern India, Charnock Healthcare Institute is dedicated in creating manpower by providing ingenious education in Nursing, Paramedics and Administration. The institute guarantees practical training and first hand experiential learning with hands-on and ‘Learning by Doing’ approach. As a direct unit of Charnock Hospital, the students have an added advantage of practicing at the hospital.
Situated in New Town in Kolkata, West Bengal, Charnock Healthcare Institute is successful in bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and industry requirements. With a capacity of 1020 students and with the most modern audio-video equipments installed in each of their classrooms, the institute has 7 laboratories and a centrally AC campus with Wi-Fi internet. Unlike some other institutes, which are providing Hotel Management, BBA, MBA, Engineering and many more courses, where hospital management and healthcare education is an additional product, Charnock Healthcare Institute is focused only on Healthcare.
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