Top 10 Promising Nursing Colleges in India

Being the second most populous country now and expected to be on the top of the list by 2030, India has one of the fastest growing healthcare industries in the world. However, the country lags in health care spend, availability of infrastructure and qualified and competent workforce. In fact, healthcare infrastructure has always been one of the major concerns for us as a developing nation. While, the US has one bed for every 350 patients and Japan has one for 85, India has one bed for every 1,050 patients. That means the capacity is inadequate to meet even the existent needs of the Indian population.

The ongoing expansion of healthcare infrastructure with both public and private sector investing in creating new facilities offering health services may solve this issue to an extent, but not completely. We need to understand that mere buildings and capital expenditure are not key determinants in the health delivery ecosystem. The appropriate utilisation and availability of human resource in healthcare industry are an equal element. However, the shortage of qualified medical professionals remains as one of the key challenges of our healthcare system.    

At present, India’s has a ratio of 0.7 doctors and 1.5 nurses per 1,000 people against the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) global average of 2.5 doctors and nurses per 1,000 people. It is estimated that the country has a shortage of 1.54 million doctors and over 2.4 million nurses today to match the global average. According to the data from the National Health Profile 2016, there are 2,958 institutions for general nurse midwives with an admission capacity of 118,406 students, 1,921 institutions for auxiliary nurse midwives with an admission capacity of 54,859. Unfortunately, a large number of seats in these nursing colleges are falling vacant and the annual supply of nurses is dwindling. Furthermore, those who are qualified and skilled to perform better in this industry are eagerly looking for better-paid jobs in richer countries.

With twin challenges of migration and shortage to be addressed, unequivocally, the Indian healthcare education system would play pivotal role in the nation’s well-being. For those who wish to be a part of this sector, we have come up with ‘Top 10 Promising Nursing Colleges in India 2018’ – a list of educational institutions that have been producing skilled nurses who can be the backbone of the Indian healthcare system. This will give an explicit sense to the would-be nurses regarding choosing a fitting institution, which otherwise stands out as a puzzling task amidst the never-ending list of nursing institutes.

Top 10 Promising Nursing Colleges in India




Abhaya College of Nursing Bengaluru, Karnataka The institute upholds a reputation of teaching excellence gained over the years and offers an education that fits with the changing educational patterns globally to meet the needs and challenges of today's modern society.
Al Shifa College of Nursing Malappuram, Kerala The institute prepares nurses competent in providing comprehensive nursing care based on scientific principles so as to meet the increasing needs of the country.
Charnock Healthcare Institute Kolkata, West Bengal A unique medical education institute creating quality manpower for all levels of healthcare delivery by providing Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education.
Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College Cuddalore, Puducherry The college prepares dedicated and expert nurses to contribute to the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations as well as for community services.
KLE University Belagavi, Karnataka An institute promoting sustainable development of Higher Education to be among the top ten medical colleges in India in the spheres of medical education, research and health care services.
MGM New Bombay College of Nursing Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra The institute endeavours to maintain a “student friendly environment” to develop globally competent nurses who are capable to deliver compassionate, safe and effective patient care while keeping abreast of rapid advances in a highly complex health care environment.
Mother Teresa Nursing College Bangalore, Karnataka An institute imparting an educational experience to the students in an atmosphere of research and technology to develop critical thinking skills, competencies and standards required for practice of professional nursing.
P. D. Hinduja College of Nursing Mumbai, Maharashtra Offering quality care for all, the institute aspires to set national standards for excellence in the education of nurses, lead the development and application of clinically relevant science, and create service strategies for meeting the health needs of a diverse society.
Symbiosis College of Nursing Pune, Maharashtra The college understands the responsibility to generate leaders in the nursing profession, by providing unique and innovative programmes that are responsive to the market demand, keeping in mind the rapid advances in the healthcare sector in India as well as abroad.
Tamanna School of Nursing Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh One of the oldest Paramedical Institute of Uttar Pradesh and the First at Allahabad, the college is working with a mission of changing the face of health care industry by providing the best paramedical to the country.