Vikas Wadhwa,CEO
With more than 5.6 million inhabitants, Melbourne has been ranked the fourth most student-friendly and the world most liveable city. Melbourne cleanliness and environmentally fresh is safer than any other cities. The city's enchanting atmosphere, excellent facilities, strong government support and fabulous weather, make it the ideal place for the student community to pursue their education. Located in this dynamic state of Australia, Danford College is providing the students with all the necessities that are generally looked for under one roof, right from a quality education to a conducive environment to study. In existence for a decade now in the Tertiary Education Arena, the college has earned a reputation for itself by never compromising on quality and its compliance. Under the Australian Qualifications Framework, the college is widely recognised for standing upon its promises and setting a high standard for education.

Star Gazers Education Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No: 21979) and a CRICOS provider (CRICOS No: 02996A), Danford College offers a wide range of courses to the students in subjects like Business, Leadership and Management, International Business, Banking Services Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Project and Program Management and Procurement. The college has tried to incorporate varied courses which are highly demandable in the industry, classified into Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate programs. "What differentiates us from the rest of the institutes is the mix of nationalities
that our campus is endowed with. Students from every corner of the world select our college and this act as a mutual benefit for the students as well as the college," proudly says Vikas Wadhwa, CEO, Danford College.

Whether it is Mauritius, Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, South America, India or China, students from diverse race and culture can be found in the campus of Danford College, given which the learners are enabled to inculcate values like integrity, tolerance, and team. Holding the vision of 'Transforming lives through learning', the college is committed of developing a skilled community and pride itself of being an educational platform that provides matchless learning opportunities to individuals irrespective of their background. Mr. Wadhwa pinpoints, "Along with industry related courses, Danford College being a Victorian registered provider of vocational education also strives to instill required skills to students and in turn bring value to the community". The contents are custom-made at Danford, which are developed expert course developer, allowing the graduates to perform at the highest possible level and resulting in getting the best outcome.

Nurturing Students into Professionals

The faculty members of the college play a very integral role in the teaching-learning process of the students at Danford College. They always prioritise to develop a friendly and stimulating environment in the classroom, so that the process of learning is never a one-way thing, rather the students get enough room to express their ideas and views. "Comprehending the faculty members' contribution in our student's academic life, the college allocates 1% of its payroll per annum allowing the staff to undertake professional development in a regular manner," states Mr. Wadhwa. A variety of teaching methods and aids are used by the faculty members and we always encourage our students to gain both theoretical knowledge and allow them to learn application through involving live simulated business
environment and campus facilities of the college are reflected through spacious classrooms, computer labs, Wi-Fi, library and many more will assist students during their course of learning.

"We understand the challenges faced by our international students who leave their home country and fly to a foreign country. Hence, we at Danford College emphasize on making them comfortable for which we have designated Student Support Officer and a registered counsellor who can be approached to reap advice on academic and personal issues at no cost," claims Mr. Wadhwa. The advices received from the Student Support Officers prove to be a great help for international students in terms of seeking professional and confidential counseling. "Danford College strictly follows the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework and National Code 2018, under which we are entitled to provide the international students with accurate information about the courses, fees, modes of study, and so on," adds Mr. Wadhwa. This can be understood as one of the many traits why Danford is a preferred destination for international students.

Additionally, Danford College work in partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic to assists graduating students with an easy transition to higher education. This collaboration lets the students start their studies at Danford College and later transfer the credits to Melbourne Polytechnic if they choose to pursue courses like Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Information Technology and Master of Professional Accounting. "From taking constant feedback from students after each course completion to motivating student activities in form of monthly events and social gathering, we try our best to evolve as a student-centric institution," opines Mr. Wadhwa. By gaining a comprehensive learning experience, the graduates of Danford College unequivocally grow into a work-ready professional who are capable of demonstrating their skills from day one in their workplace.
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