Dr. Parul Kumar, Principal, Navy Children School, Visakhapatnam

By Dr. Parul Kumar, Principal
Dr. Parul Kumar,Principal

Dr. Parul Kumar


Having an explicit thrust for learning, Dr Parul has earned several degrees during her lifetime, making sure that she transfers the best wisdom to her students. Her educational qualification includes Bachelor's in Home Science, Master's in Food & Nutrition, B.Ed and M.Ed from Annamalai University, M.Phil in Education from Madurai Kamaraj University and Ph.D. from Chowdhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. From teacher to Vice-Principal and Assistant Professor to Principal, Dr Parul has been rendering her service for many years now. Honoring her contribution in the education field, Dr Parul who is now holding the position of Principal at Navy Children School (NCS), Visakhapatnam has been awarded for being one of the 100 most effective Principals of the country by Alert Knowledge Solutions and also conferred the Dewang Mehta Education leadership Award.

Fuelling the Life of Future Citizens

From the very beginning, Dr Parul Kumar was captivated by the unique power of being able to change somebody's life through providing guidance and this made her definite to take up teaching. "For me, teaching is something which not only involved with finishing the chapters or subject; it should be a means of inspiration," opines Dr Parul. Married to a Naval Officer, Dr Parul got the opportunity to share her knowledge with a large number of students right from standard one to M.Sc level, possessing a range of capabilities throughout the country. Dr Parul pinpoints, "The versatility I
gained in my career today helps me at NCS to lead my team skillfully."

"If you see the history, the best leaders have been only those who lead by example and not simply by words" - Dr Parul Kumar

Carrying her biggest learning that every student is capable, provided the teachers maintain their patience, Dr Parul believes in working with her team hand-in-hand, acting not as a dictator but as a team member. At NCS, students are taught in an inclusive set up, where teachers pay substantial heed on designing lesson plans for all kinds of learners, focusing on minimum learning level and high order thinking skills. Although a community-based school, which largely caters to the children of the Armed Forces personnel, the school also hosts a fair percentage of other students. As soon as a child is enrolled at NCS, it is double-checked that their assessment is done, which in turn will help in formulating the individualized education program for each child.

"As most of our students belong to Armed Forces families where one of their parents is often away from them for meeting the line of duty, our accountability multiplies in terms of handling the child emotionally. We always strive to live upto the expectations of such parents towards us," shares Dr Parul. The School grabbed several recognition like no. 9 rank among the military school in India by Education Today, NES Trophy for best performance of Class XII since last 2 years among all the Navy Schools spread across the country, best school in academics among all the schools under Eastern Naval Command and so on, NCS Vizag has been maintaining no. 1 position in city as well as in state since last 3 years as per Education World.

All these laurels earned by the school are because of the quality and approaches that have been retained since its inception with necessary course corrections from time to time.
The teachers at NCS ensure that the students have a clear and in-depth knowledge of the concepts as it will assist them in the long run. Confirming the regular remedial of the students, efforts are put in preparing anecdotal records and on the other side, question banks and worksheets are uploaded on the school website for proper practice. "Instead of pressurizing students to study hard during the exam, we make it a daily habit to study enabling them to confront less hardship," shares Dr Parul. Nestled amidst lush green area including state-of-the-art facilities, the campus of the NCS is a treat for the students.

Proving her apt leadership qualities, Dr Parul never fails to make all the stake holders of the school feel free and comfortable to come to her and discuss regarding any issue. "What matters is witnessing the smile on the face of my team, students, and the parents. Their contentment is my success," opines Dr Parul. Using innovative method of teaching at NCS, students are rendered a fruitful experience which they cherish for the rest of their life. "In this journey of shaping the future of the next-generation and my country, there is always a constant support of my family who made it possible for me to prioritize my career. In coming days, we aspire to increase the overall efficiency of the school by incorporating additional facilities," concludes Dr Parul.

Her Favorites

Book: Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen

Author: Sudha Murthy

Holiday Destination: Manali, I started my new life at Manali

Favourite Gadget: Sony Walkman Headphones

Hobby: Cooking, Love baking cakes

A quote that always inspires you: "Others have done it, I CAN do it, I will do it"
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