ESADE Business School: Transforming Students Into Competent And Socially Responsible Professionals

ESADE is a global institution that is structured as a business school, a law school, and a field of executive education. It is a global academic institution that is renowned for the excellence of its education, its international perspective and its emphasis on holistic personal growth. ESADE has close links to the world of industry.

Dating back to its establishment in 1958, the history of ESADE has been characterized by a global and creative existence and centered on the internalization of principles and the growth of
technical and executive skills, ESADE applies a special and artistic learning model. Acting in their academic and professional work with dignity. ESADE aspires to act in a manner compatible with their core values, even under challenging circumstances - rigour, hard work, honesty, a vital spirit, justice and a sense of duty.

Contributing to the culture of ESADE, is connected to the good of the society as a whole to follow one's interests, and this is expressed in respectful and responsible attitudes toward the
community. ESADE's educational offering is categorized into three academic units, such as Business School, Law School and Executive Education, serving various audiences. The institution reinvents its educational experience and Student First is ESADE's project to renew its educational methodology in order to create innovative learning ecosystems capable of enhancing the transformational power of the educational experiences that the various programmes offer to students and participants.
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