European Open Business School (EOBS): A True Educator Of Top Professionals And Entrepreneurs

By Jaime Medel Roldan, CEO & Founder
Jaime Medel Roldan,CEO & Founder

Jaime Medel Roldan

CEO & Founder

Today, in the age of Internet, new technologies and digitalization have changed the paradigm of human relations not only in companies but in the world in general. We have moved from relationships with our physical world to connecting in virtual spaces. It is well understood that the paradigms of communication and education have changed with technological and social developments, which have transformed the world into a place where technology is the protagonist of our daily lives. Owing to this, European Open Business School (EOBS) is a pioneer in the digitalisation of training processes which has led them to develop virtual and relational spaces with its students.

Set up with the vision to be the driving force behind a necessary methodological, pedagogical and technological change in the Spanish educational panorama, European Open Business School is a name which continues to follow the processes of the last century, where face-to-face teaching and memory take precedence over interaction and experimentation. Born with a clear vocation to lead a new model of online training according to a digital and globalised world, EOBS believes that Business Schools have to develop R&D&I processes that allow them to adapt to the reality of the new generations who are flexible, visual and global.

With the current panorama being one of the constant innovation in terms of the methodologies to be developed, EOBS is implementing video, e-books, audio books, gamification, business simulators and interactive training in which the students can study across multiple media. The institute envisions its students to leave with a solid training in three fundamental aspects - knowledge, skills and tools. Additionally, EOBS vests its focus on softskills and leadership as the driving force for success, and all of this with a solid alliance with a university such as the Catholic University of Ávila that
provides official support for our programmes.

Emphasising on Creative and Innovative Learning Processes
Thriving to make the learning process creative and innovative, EOBS has created Flex Learning, a new study methodology where all the senses are involved in the learning process. Leaving behind the reading of the content and moving on to interaction with the content, with Flex Learning, the student is the protagonist of the rhythm and evolution of his or her study in the course. Flex Learning provides students with a range of tools such as - AUDIO BOOKS: Where the books recommended by the teachers are compiled so that you can listen to them from anywhere.

EBOOKS: EBOOKS will have the readings recommended by the teachers. VIDEO CLASSES: This tool promotes the flexibility of viewing the classes whenever the student wishes, all available 24 hours a day. MASTERCLASS: Our teaching staff, experts in the field, give students these classes focused on a particular discipline. CASE STUDIES: Thanks to the development of these didactic and innovative exercises, students acquire the necessary skills to put them into practice in the world of work. PODCAST: We provide you with podcasts related to the subject of study and GAMIFICATION: With fun exercises you will check your evolution and learning.

“With co-operative atmosphere for all, we achieve our goals, which are fosters creativity, innovation and technology transfer.”

“At EOBS we offer a wide range of possibilities for students to train at the highest level. Students can study any of our master's degrees and complement their training with specializations in different areas of interest (such as business, accounting or psychology, among others). In this way, students will obtain all the knowledge of the master's degree they choose, as well as being able to specialize and thus continue to broaden their knowledge. Students choose EOBS because of the ease and convenience of our Flex Learning methodology, the quality of the teaching provided (based on the highest standards in education) and the international recognition provided by the qualifications they obtain upon completion of our programmes”, says Jaime Medel,
CEO and Founder, European Open Business School (EOBS).

Opening New Windows of Opportunities
European Open Business School has several programmes aimed at the business world. The programme par excellence is the Master's in Senior Business Management (MBA). Through an intensive and demanding learning process, the master's degree enables the students to acquire all the knowledge necessary for business management and prepares them for a successful career. EOBS offers the opportunities to develop personally and professionally in a global business environment with colleagues from different countries.

It makes you a professional with a high-level technical mastery of the various functions of the company. Like all people studying at EOBS, Indian students choose to study their MBA at EOBS to get a taste of the European landscape, unlike any other international landscape. All Indian students are given equal opportunities to go through an evaluation process which will determine if their profile is eligible for an academic scholarship and if possible, also determine a percentage to help anyone in need.

With teachers being one of the most important part of a students' training, all the teachers at EOBS are professionals in the sector in which they teach and. “Our students learn directly from professionals with experience in the sectors in which they are currently working or have worked and therefore, the students acquire management skills in addition to all the knowledge and experience taught by the teachers”, adds Jaime Medel.

To ensure best-in-class opportunities, EOBS collaborates with Worldwide Internships to offer students with job opportunities abroad. Internships are the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the master's degree in a practical way. Furthermore, travelling abroad helps develop multicultural awareness and one can even acquire language skills. Just as EOBS wants to leave its mark on all students who pass through the school, all students who pass through the school leave their mark, as do the Indian students, who will bring more internationality to EOBS.
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