EThames College: The Ultimate Destination For Global Education

By Kali Prasad Gadiraju, Chairman
Kali Prasad Gadiraju,Chairman EThames College, Hyderabad is a leading business school focused on imparting truly world class education to groom our students into highly competent world class professionals. The college is centrally located right in the middle of the new city. EThames is committed to excellence in imparting outcome based and industry aligned education and entrepreneurship. "We aim to bridge the gap between the academic teaching and constantly changing industry requirements by closely working with senior professionals from the industry and designing in-demand specialisations", says Kali Prasad Gadiraju, Chairman, EThames College, Hyderabad.

EThames College is rated among the top 10 best colleges in India for undergraduate studies and it is ranked 7th in South India in the Times BBA ranking survey. With about 1000 students from different cultural, social and geographical backgrounds from across the world, EThames College, Hyderabad provides world class infrastructure and learning environment to learn and bond with each other. EThames campus is designed to encourage experiential learning and provide a comfortable environment for our students. The college is known to be the most happening place for guest lectures, interactions with industry experts, sports, debates and quizzes, hobby and fun clubs. Students are encouraged to plan, organise and execute their ideas of celebrating festivals, academic events and significant days, which not only leads to enjoyment but also acts as a source of refreshment and learning for them.

EThames College, Hyderabad believes in ­ `the only constant is change'. "We trust that the market is dynamic and ever changing and we are highly receptive to the changing environment. With this belief, we have introduced the most promising and demanding courses like BBA and BCOM with six new age specializations such as Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Business Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, Banking Financial Services & Insurance,
Entrepreneurship & Family Business, and Blockchain & Fintech. We are focused on transforming and improving management education and are constantly working on bridging the gap between industry and academia with our new age specializations." says Dr. Kunal Gaurav, Principal, EThames College, Hyderabad.

"We at EThames believe that in the current fast changing global environment, right management education is three dimensional which makes our college very unique in the world. Most important dimension is imparting latest domain knowledge and for which our faculty is well trained and equipped with latest management tools and industry knowledge. Our partnership with Coursera, ensures that our students and faculty have access to the globally recognized knowledge in all areas of technology, commerce and management."

“Our three dimensional model of education is designed to transform the students into confident, competent and committed professionals.”

The second dimension is understanding prevailing technology environment as the digitisation of operations is sweeping across the world, particularly post pandemic world. Without a good understanding of the underlying technology environment, no one can be successful in effectively managing the operations of any company. Our technology and finance labs give our students access to the latest tools and techniques in these areas. All our students can master the latest technologies by opting for various specialisations like AI, Blockchain, Fintech and Digital Marketing. Every student in the college has a full and free access to entire Coursera catalogue and they can do unlimited number of courses & certifications in the area of their interest.

Many studies have proven that more than 70% of success of any person in any endeavour is attributable to the personal qualities of the individual. This is the third dimension of our model which is very critical for undergraduate students. EThames has designed a 42 module Course in Personal Success which is taught throughout the three years of graduation by specially trained faculty. To help students to practice what is taught in Personal Success course, we
have also introduced a world's first mastermind group for students in the name of "UbuntU". We are bringing to our students what is already very popular across the world for the top business people and senior professionals.

"Our three dimensional model of education is designed to transform the students into confident, competent and committed professionals", says Kali Prasad Gadiraju. The outcome based education at EThames, ensures success for all the students whether they are seeking employment, higher education or entrepreneurship. In partnership with TiE, Hyderabad, T-Hub and IIIT, Hyderabad we have set up an incubation centre for students who wants to pursue entrepreneurship and become job creators.

"We leave no stone unturned in transforming ordinary students into extraordinary business professionals. Instead of solely relying on lecturing, our faculty members use balanced mix of teaching pedagogies such as case teaching, simulations, role plays and project based learning etc., to teach various subjects. In addition, we actively engage students with various academic and non-academic clubs to ensure their holistic growth. Our clubs and internships ensure our students build a robust connect with the industry to not only ensure modernisation of the curriculum but also for outstanding placements", speaks Dr. Kunal Gaurav.

Kali Prasad Gadiraju, Chairman
Kali Prasad Gadiraju, Chairman, EThames College, Hyderabad: This pioneering educator strives to ensure that they nurture inspired learners who can have a positive impact on not just their lives but in the society as a whole.

Dr. Kunal Gaurav, Principal
Dr. Kunal Gaurav, Principal, EThames College, Hyderabad: Dr. Kunal aims to ensure that their students are equipped with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. Also through proper guidance he helps the students to reach their full potential as well.
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