GLF Business School: Integrating The Ancient Thoughts Originated In India With Modern Leadership Practices Across The Globe

By Prof. Avijit Banerjee, Director
Prof. Avijit Banerjee,Director Currently, the Indian marketplace is escalating at an exponential rate and concerning the changing dimensions of current businesses, new start-ups have started arriving on the scene. Amidst this competitive scenario, almost all businesses require candidates who are equipped with comprehensive business knowledge and this has resulted in an augmented demand for BBA candidates in the industry. With a notion to mold the students into qualified business professionals who are aptly equipped to deal with the current industry challenges, GLF Business School has emerged as a prominent name across the BBA education sector.

With a mission to create a new dimension of leadership and develop a new breed of leaders integrating the ancient thoughts that originated in India with modern leadership practices across the globe, the `Global Leadership Forum' (GLF) was formed in the year 2005, which has now emerged as a popular platform of the stalwarts from the public sector, social sector, corporate world as well as academia. The GLF Business School was started in 2009 to act as a catalyst to the evolution of management education in the 21st century.

Contributing Towards the Management Education in India
A premium Management Institute, GLF Business School (GLFBS) is the first B-School in India which is integrating business analytics in its curriculum and offering specialization in highly sophisticated areas of data science, artificial intelligence, and biotech management, to cope up with the technology-driven industry. GLF Business School is the first B-School in India to be recognized by the Ministry of MSME, the Government of India as a host and business incubator institute for entrepreneurship development and promoting the start-ups. "We intend to foster business leadership by creating a new breed of leaders and managers, based on five key
elements which are strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and value ethics.

With these five pillars, we want to be a catalyst of management education in the process of change from the traditional business administration model to the business leadership model. The focus of management education has gradually evolved from `Administration' to `Management' and before fixating now on `Leader-ship' as a Leader is significantly more than an Administrator or Manager. Emphasizing on business leadership, we want to contribute towards the management education in India, which has evolved considerably over the last seven years and has emerged as a new field of study," states Prof. Avijit Banerjee, Director, GLF Business School.

GLFBS is the only Management College in India that offers a wide range of courses on the areas of high demand in Industry such as Finance & Risk Management, Valuation (Real Estate and Plant & Machinery), Marketing & Advertising, Logistics & Retail, HR & Corporate Law, Biotech Management & Healthcare, Business Intelligence & Analytics. BBA (Hons) at GLF Business School is a three-year regular graduate program under the West Bengal State University. At GLFBS, the BBA (Hons) students are exposed to varied employability skill programs through our curriculum under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and are facilitated for practical applications of modern business principles and processes.

“A premium Management Institute, GLF Business School (GLFBS) is the first B-School in India which is integrating business analytics in its curriculum and offering specialization in highly sophisticated”

Integrated BBA-MBA at GLF Business School is a five-year regular degree program under the West Bengal State University. A project-based curriculum, the Integrated BBA- MBA program at GLFBS provides a perfect blending of good analytical skills, grasp over latest technology, understanding customer and market, analyzing the risk associated with the business, nurturing the entrepreneurship spirit of the students amidst the current competitive market scenario, and so on, to help
students apply their classroom knowledge to real-world simulations and build a robust portfolio to showcase to future employers.

One of The Leading Management Colleges in India
GLF Business School (GLFBS) is an affiliated Post Graduate Management College (Code 217) since 2013 under the West Bengal State University. Successfully handling more than 100 high-end consulting and research assignments, GLFBS has trained more than 1000 employees of government as well as corporate sectors and established collaborative associations with Higher Education Institutes of high repute and leading Industry bodies.

Recognized as one of the leading management colleges in India, GLFBS consistently wins the Best B-School Awards in recognition for the excellence it strives for thought leadership, academic excellence, learning innovation, applied research initiatives, using technology having social impact, and industry-academia interface. GLFBS is the recipient of ASSOCHAM Best B-School Award 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2021, Beyond IIM's Top 100 B-Schools In India 2020 (Higher Education Review, Bangalore), Technology Excellence Award for Social Impact 2018, The Innovative Institute Award 2018, Top­10 Business Analytics Institutions in India 2018 (Higher Education Review, Bangalore), Royal Excellence Award 2017: Best B-School.

"Keeping the current industry scenario in mind, we are giving more emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship development. With the help of our technology development center, we are planning to establish a Centre of Excellence in Innovation and Smart Manufacturing. Emphasizing all the emerging technologies, like biotechnology, 3-D printing, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things (IoT), along with various other technological fields, we are trying to ensure all the facilities to help them succeed in their future endeavors. Working along with the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, Start-up India team for quite a long time, we have emerged as a significant enabler for numerous start-up development in the country," concludes Prof Banerjee.
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