Gulzar Group of Institutes: Ensuring World-Class Mass Communication Education To Students From All Walks Of Life

By Er. Gurkirat Singh, Executive director, GGI
Er. Gurkirat Singh,Executive director, GGI

Er. Gurkirat Singh

Executive director, GGI

Gulzar Group of Institutions (GGI) was incepted with the ideology to become an institute which will be fair, ethical, and student-focused and believes in continuous learning. The vision of the college is to become the Institute of Choice for Students, Educationists, and Industry, focusing on the overall development of its students by pursuing excellence in education and providing an environment that stimulates passion and curiosity to learn and grow.

To achieve this, GGI operates with a mission of Learning from best practices continuously, provide academic, technical and industry platform to students for them to be readily employable upon graduation, provide students avenues for soft skill development, social, cultural and sporting engagements to ensure holistic development, and quality education through dedicated faculty who engages in meaningful research. The institute also aims to be an interface with industry, provide adequate resources and opportunities to students and nurture entrepreneurial spirit among them.

Instilling Holistic Education to nurture Inspired Learners
Elaborating more on how Gulzar Group of Institutes is offering top-notch education to their students, Er. Gurkirat Singh, Executive director, GGI, adds, “We provide balanced theory and practical work to our students so that they will be industry-ready and such professionals are typically recruited with newspapers, periodicals and magazines, central information services, online news websites, films & TV journalism, press information bureaus, AIR and TV channels.

We have a unique mentoring system in which students get a mentor who helps them throughout their course in any
kind of matter. We provide eBooks library access, recorded lectures of teachers with YouTube links to students so that in present pandemic circumstances their study will not hamper. GGI offers a full time 3 years degree course in Journalism and Mass communication and our students are trained in a wide variety of media fields such as theater, radio, T.V., filmmaking, advertising, public relations and others”.

At GGI, Faculty Members believe in continuous learning and the institute believes that teachers can be students, too, and one of the best ways to stay updated is to continue education. The institute also conducts various faculty development programs to keep their faculty updated and the recent one is on Bloom’s Taxonomy which is a very crucial tool today in Education. Apart from all this, GGI also encourages faculties to participate in regular faculty development programs and short-term skill-based courses from NPTEL like government aided resources.

“GGI provides world class infrastructure and modern-day facilities to its students and their classrooms are equipped with latest technologies"

Students of GGI also get an opportunity to actively participate in various activities which are being organized by the department. GGI prioritizes on offering practical, industry- oriented education to their students and this allows the students of GGI to gain an edge in the highly competitive job market. All this is done under the supervision of the faculty and this helps the faculty of the institute to create strong relationships with their students which is crucial to help students reach their true potential.

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment
Adding more about the unique teaching pedagogies followed at the institute, Gurkirat Singh says, “One of the modern methodologies that have opted by our faculties in recent years is Flipped Classroom, it is a pedagogical approach in which the traditional elements of the lesson taught by the teacher are
reversed – the primary educational materials are studied by the students at home and, then, worked on in the classroom.

The main objective of this methodology is to optimize time in class by dedicating it, for example, to meet the special needs of each individual student, we develop cooperative projects or work on specific tasks. The second one is to allow students to acquire key knowledge and skills through the development of projects that respond to real-life problems, called project-based learning”.

GGI provides world class infrastructure and modern-day facilities to its students and their classrooms are equipped with latest technologies like projector and screen with hi-speed internet connection and audio-video aids. Studio at GGI has the latest cameras, lights, chroma screens, tripods, and gimbals. The institute’s production control room is furnished with latest video and audio editing software and to ensure quality education for students from all walks of life, GGI also has a plethora of scholarship opportunities as well.

Through regular industry interactions and with the presence of an independent Industry Institute Interaction cell, GGI is able to welcome up to 400 companies for their students’ placements. All this has also helped the institute to win a plethora of awards including Shiksha Rattan, Best upcoming private Engineering College in North India, Academic leadership award in technical education from hands of Honorable Pranav Mukherji sir and Respected Navjot Singh Sidhu sir. Evolving with the changing times, GGI aims to continue improving the quality of their education and nurture inspired learners that can have a positive impact on both their respective industries as well as the society in general.

Er. Gurkirat Singh, Executive director, GGI
He is an academic leader, edupreneur, student mentor, promoter & founder of Educational Institutes running Professional Courses. He has got immense skills in finance, strategy, sales, career counseling, coaching and team building.
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