Hindustan Aerospace And Engineering : A Pioneering Institute Offering Cutting-Edge Instruction And Training In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

By P K Shrivastava, Manager (HR) & Training and placement officer
Hindustan Aerospace And Engineering : A Pioneering Institute Offering Cutting-Edge Instruction And Training In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
P K Shrivastava,Manager (HR) & Training and placement officer

P K Shrivastava

Manager (HR) & Training and placement officer

The landscape of technical professions is rapidly evolving leading to the need and demand for professionals that can keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements and possess the agility to adopt the developments in the industry. In 2005 the formation of Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering at Aundh, Pune, with a focus on this pattern, particularly in the aviation sector, received the go-ahead from the Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India, to provide high-quality education in the area of aviation maintenance engineering.Under the auspices of the Sha-Shib Group of Institutions, the Largest Group in south Asia for imparting Training in the field of AME which has 32 years of glorious educational experience.

This has been accomplished with the assistance of devoted instructors, cuttingedge facilities, and equipment with an honourable history that is also reflective of the institute’s vision and mission.

“The term 'Sky's the Limit’ is changed to ‘Space is the Limit’ and India has proved it. Our vision is to contribute towards making our country self-reliant in technological and operational fields by attracting and motivating young talents to achieve this. To become a positive contributor for India to sustain its role as the global leader in technological and operational fields by grooming young talents and converting them into world-class qualified aviation technical and operational professionals.

The mission is also to encourage innovative ideas side by side, to meet the challenges thrown up by changing times. The mission is to shape up good and useful professionals ready to face global industrial demands and challenges.” shares P.K. Shrivastava, Manager, HR, HAE.

Course and Infrastructural Offerings
HAE Pune is devoted to the pursuit of excellence committed to bridging the gap in the aviation industry for qualified, industry-related aircraft maintenance engineers. With a perfect score in the exam administered by the DGCA, Government of India, it has demonstrated academic superiority to the entire nation. Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering have been authorized to offer the B1.1 (Heavy Aeroplane and Power plant) and B2 categories of aircraft maintenance engineering
courses (Avionics). Students receive the AME license given by the DGCA and are known as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers after successfully completing the AME course and passing all of the module tests administered by the DGCA. Engineers who work on aircraft are essential to how they operate.

They are chosen by airlines, maintenance repair organizations, flight training organizations, and other aircraft operators such as cargo services, air ambulance operators, charter operators, and private aircraft operators, among others, in accordance with DGCA's mandate and the requirements of the 1934 Aircraft Act, which was passed by the Indian Parliament. Having 20+ Engineers, 40+ Technicians, 40+ managers, and 100+ instructors under the umbrella of Sha-Shib Group who mentor the students of HAE and help them to achieve their goals.

“Lectures from industry experts, industrial training tours, and seminars workshops are conducted to develop the high aptitude of students. Various extra-curricular activities are conducted at the college level and intercollege. Our students have brought laurels to Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering by securing first, second and third place while participating in various Inter-college Competitions. Sha-Shib scholarship and aptitude test is conducted with a motive to identify the deserving candidate for the scholarship provided by the institute for the courses run by the institute across India” further adds Shrivastav.

HAE provides a wide range of amenities in terms of infrastructural options and offerings that all work to improve student's learning experiences and efficiency. One of the facilities is an in-house plane that can be used for practical demonstration, a private flying club owned by Sha-Shib Group, as well as four MROs. Other facilities include experienced faculty who offer top-notch education while also nurturing young minds, being the industry leader in the generation of highly qualified professionals with the best results across the country, and an effective placement facility enabling every student to achieve the ideal professional setting.

“Apart from the excellent in-house practical facility, Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering has the legal tie-ups with the country’s prestigious airlines and DGCA approved aircraft maintenance organizations like Air India, Go Air and Air works for the practical training in the actual maintenance working environment, which helps them to learn and enhance their skill and having the experience of industry before pass out from the college”, adds Shrivastav.
The institute even ensures that the faculty members are not just highly qualified, but also regularly trained to keep up with new advancements in teaching pedagogies, and curriculum. The institute, owing to the support of the Sha- Shib group, possesses a huge pool of faculty members and instructors. They have instructors excelling in both technical and theoretical knowledge, which is extremely crucial for the student’s development. The institute is also able to get guidance from license holders in the industry which comes in handy while working in the MROs. The institute also publishes helpful training notes which ensures that every student gets the same instruction and understanding.

“Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering, Pune is the witness to the success of its thousands of students recruited in national and International Airlines, Maintenance Repair Organizations, Flying Training Organizations, Technical Publications, and more. The journey of about 32 years in the field of education has edified our mentors year by year. The long list of its alumni always inspired us to work harder than before”, speaks P K Shrivastava.

Our vision is to contribute towards making our country self-reliant in technological and operational fields by attracting and motivating young talents to achieve this"

Future Roadmap
HAE's goal for the future is to continue on its path of excellence. The institute aims to provide students with cutting-edge technical education and inculcate strong disciplinary habits so they can become ethically strong and technologically superior adults who will raise the bar for knowledge and conduct in the corporate sector. According to their philosophy, learning must always foster learners' personality attributes, motivate them to do great things, and help them to cultivate a curiosity for the world around them. HAE is sure and pleased that the remarkable high-tech facilities at the institution will help the students face the harsh realities of the outer world with more fortitude.

P K Shrivastava, Manager (HR) & Training and placement officer
P K Shrivastava, Manager (HR), Training and placement officer, Sha-Shib Group Training Manager, Training Manager Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering, Pune has a total of 37 years of experience in the aviation Industry. During this tenure, he served the Indian Air force for a period of 20 years in the technical branch and 17 years of vast experience in many prestigious DGCA-approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institutes in various positions as the Instructor and Chief Instructor.
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